Astrology Theory

My thoughts on Symbols in Astrology

emma phone 207Astrology is a symbolic system in which we utilize various symbols to denote planets, houses, elements, and structures. Many Jungian psychologists believe the collective responds to archetypal symbols in our everyday life. We respond to symbols all around us in helping us navigate life. We all have our own associations of images that are associated with particular meanings. The way we relate to images and symbols is an important aspect of astrology. When interpreting the energy of a chart we can often associate particular planetary placements as symbolic of real life experiences. We see Saturn in Leo and immediately begin to identify the symbolic representation of this placement. I have always been obsessed with symbol systems. I have an affinity for the Tarot and am deeply moved by art, especially painting and the symbols that are depicted in specific artwork. We use symbols in so much of our everyday life as we respond to images that tell us what to do or explain what something means. Astrology works in much the same way. An astrologer interprets the symbols, the exact placements in relation to the placements of the other symbols. The chart is a symbol of the sky from our perspective on Earth of our galaxy. It places us at the center and is in the shape of a circle which helps relate to the reading of astrological cycles. It symbolizes how we have mapped ourselves in relation to the Sun, Moon, and other planets. The symbols of the chart are very sacred to me as an astrologer. I think there is power in images and recognizing the meaning of the symbols created by an astrological chart allows me to cultivate a better relationship with astrology.


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