Advice for Mars Retrograde 2016


♂Mars is currently Retrograde as of April 17th and will stay that way until the end of June this year. As we turn inward this is a time which always feels a bit strained and I cannot wait until we are out of the weeds on this planet’s retrograde cycle in particular! The overall pace of life seems to shift as if everything comes to a sudden stop.

Mercury retrograde this April and into May is definetly being overshadowed by the intense Mars retrograde energies we are all experiencing this year. This time is highlighted by an overall feeling of exhaustion and pause. You want to start something or move forward but you are just to worn out to even get up to take a first step. The other piece of this is that Mars is moving backwards in Sagittarius, the zodiac’s sign of freedom and movement. Oh and Saturn, our planet of restriction, just so happens to be making its way through Sagittarius as well this year. In addition we have Jupiter makings its way through Virgo and squaring off to Saturn this month. My feeling is this planetary configuration will push us to  carve out time for self care and rest.

With Neptune in Pisces squaring off to Mars this month, I would advice taking long naps during the day if possible and getting more sleep than your usual amount. Try not to over extend yourself! This is a time to explore our inner worlds and dreams. The energy is being directed inward now, we all need to relax and chill out for a while. This is a time of taking a much needed and deserved break. It may feel uncomfortable or even unnatural to take a breather, but it is necessary! Especially when we may feel more cranky and aggressive during Mars’ re-adjustment in our sky. Give yourself some time to direct this tense energy into sleeping more, hypnosis, or otherworldly pursuits. It may be the only thing that seems tangible during this time. Take a journey of the mind, take care of your body and health, and you should make it through;)


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