Spiritual Physicality: Mutable Grand Cross

Blue bubble in Carina

As we move out of May and into the beginning of June we all get a chance to experience a mutable grand cross. The Gemini Sun and Venus, Virgo Jupiter, Pisces Neptune, and Sagittarius Saturn square off to create an imprint of changeable energy and a chance for spiritual awareness. At the same time we are experiencing a Grand Earth Trine which draws our attention to the physical world. The key for the time being is to keep moving. If we let any of this energy stagnate in our bodies we may begin to feel tension and get stuck mentally and physically. This is an opportunity to connect mentally with the energy around us. In order to keep our body’s energy from stagnating we can exert our mental focus into physical activities such as Kundalini yoga, martial arts, or using the throat chakra for mantras and breath work. This is our opportunity to try on different spiritual practices, even if they are not intended to have staying power at this time they will still have a powerful effect on us and create impact for the time being. If you have always wanted to try something new and off beat now would be a good time to try it! You are not signing a contract and nothing needs to be set in stone, it is just a trial phase to see what you like and what resonates with you. What you find may surprise you. You may notice now that your awareness is increasing, work with this energy to expand the mind and connect with yourself on new levels. Gemini Sun helps us connect our mental circuits; combine this with the need to keep our physical bodies active during the next few weeks and you have found the key to experiencing your way through this transit.

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