Watery July

“make a wish!”

We currently have cosmic weather that is heavily weighted in water signs. July 8th Chiron, Mars, and Venus currently are making a close water trine in the summer sky. What a beautiful time to retreat into our most private spaces and work on some of our closest relationships. This month is the perfect time to hide out! Stay away from crowded places, malls, and sports venues lest you risk getting your feelings hurt! We are all extra sensitive under these conditions and may need to check ourselves when we find we are getting upset with others a little too easily. Anxieties and tears may run high at this time.

This is the perfect time for researching something you plan to do in the future. You can get lost in the endless pathways the internet has to offer. Really delve into a topic you have been wanting to understand more. Read as much as you can, watch videos, or visit a local bookshop. This is the perfect time for magickal workings that have to do with accessing emotions and harnessing the power of empathy. You can even use empathic gifts from the comfort of your own home, sending loved ones peace and protection wherever they may be. This is the time for shamans to travel between worlds, for us to get lost in the spaces between, only returning when reality gently calls us back in. The heavy influence on water signs opens up creative and psychic portals you may have not accessed in quite some time. The Jupiter in Virgo influence may slightly interfere with the ability to really go to the depths of your psyche, but keep trying, as emotions reign supreme this July!

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