The Power of Balance

As we experienced the recent effects of the Libra New Moon we are also beginning to feel the effects of Pluto moving direct in Capricorn. Due to the fact that Libra and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs there is a distinct possibility that you may be feeling called to action. Called to action to make sweeping changes and bold statements about your life as if you are a character in a play rising up to fill in your precise role. Pontificating on the meaning of this or the meaning of that. Taking everything that comes your way in stride. The heavy focus on Libra energy with the Sun and Jupiter there may make us more of a peacemaker than we are used to. This energy balances out the extreme potential that we have been sitting with under the Uranus in Aries influence. Libra being Aries’ opposite, we are able to utilize the Uranus in Aries opposition to harness its power for balance between the wild and the tame. Draw into your body this powerful energy and direct it using the Pluto in Capricorn intensity. What structures and thought forms do you need to change? Now is the time for peaceful action. For moral changes to take place within ourselves, directed by a call to perform. We are urged at this powerful time to be a player in the game. To use our resources wisely and manage the uncontrollable forces that life seems to throw at us. With the help of the Libra energy we are able to do this we ease.

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