Pioneering Your Inner Self

November Forecast 2016

What makes us unique? How do we present ourselves in the world and how to do we structure our differences and similarities? The useful stability of the tangible including job, home, personal fashion, etc. has lost meaning to many people as we expand our search for meaning beyond the everyday. We are pioneering the idea of the individual within the context of a restructuring social order. There may be growing pains and it may take years for the definitions to be reset, if ever. This November is the perfect time to access these energies and expand upon how we relate to each other and how we can be a better person through self-examination.

I feel many people are perfecting the “idea” of themselves, curating who they are based on interest and a desire for a change. I think of the minimalist movement and how this has allowed people to start re-defining security through release of physical and mental clutter.   The planetary energies this November and as the Sun makes its way through Scorpio we are asked to turn inward to analyze the deeper self within. Are you a nihilist or hopeful? Do you believe in synchronicity and meaning in serendipity or is it just a Kurt Vonnegut coincidence. When you meet someone on what level are you choosing to relate to them? Are you shut off to them or are you open allowing for energy to flow smoothly between you? These questions are ripe for the asking and we use the information gleaned to redefine ourselves, to restructure what has been lying under our surfaces. Secrets are meant to come out at this time in order to create a more inclusive world. One in which we are able to partake in, not feel separate from. This starts with knowing how similar we really are to each other.

This month is an intense and close examination on letting go of what does not belong in our definition of self. Finding the beauty and gratitude in what we have self discovered. We can connect to others based on their inner selves not the images we construct. Although, much of our outer image defines many facts about us, this one-sided picture is merely a snapshot of what may be lurking in the depth of the human soul. We are much deeper than we often care to admit and the shallow but wonderful things about our day-to-day are not the focus at this time. Take care not to hurt other’s feelings with your new-found inner explorations.

This month when talking to others ask your intuition to take you deeper. Ask to open up your senses and channels to allow the true meaning of the person to come through. Even examine what are the ulterior motives behind your own words. This month we need to dig deep, treasure awaits us when we strip away the layers. When we see the bare bones, the raw human emotion we can create connections beyond words. This unspoken depth of energy is one to be explored. We cannot create this through surface conversation, this level of meaning goes beyond what we can see here in the physical realm. So practice listening, hone in on your gut instincts, and you will see that the overall picture of who you really are will begin to emerge. We really are not so different after all.

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