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pexels-photo-236171How Does Neptune Manifest in our Natal Charts?

Neptune Manifests its energy through art, music, creativity, trance, and spirituality. Below are brief interpretations of Neptunian energy blended with the Astrological Signs. Read the section for your Neptune sign. If Neptune is making a square, trine, or opposition in your natal chart to either your Sun or Moon in another sign, read the interpretation for that sign as well.  For example, if you were born with Neptune in Capricorn and you are a Cancer Moon Sign. Read the section for Neptune with Capricorn and Neptune with Cancer as Neptune is opposite your Moon sign. 

Neptune with Aquarius– Such a lover and a best friend. Neptune is a true friend to a true genius in this sign. The energy is smart, artistic, and crafty. This energy will create beautiful films, photography, and elegant technologies. We will be carried into the future with Neptune in Aquarius.

Neptune with Pisces– We delve into a world were we want to protect our environment. Where we gently connect to animals with more wisdom than to fellow humans. We are vegans here and sensitive to cruelty of all kinds. We express and feel the impact of the arts in great depths with Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune with Aries– You are connected through instinct. You feel other’s energy with a strong gusto right in your stomach. You find your passion in dance and experimenting with extreme body modification pushing your physical limits as far as your imagination will take you.

Neptune with Taurus– The power to create and envision a world of beauty is strong. You curate the most exquisite self-expression through your appearance. You love to be someone’s muse and get swept up in the drama that is someone else’s life. You love beautiful people and strive to connect to the worlds beyond the Pleiades.

Neptune with Gemini -It is no curious wonder that you are quick to find the right words to say. You have a depth of soul and appreciation for guiding others through the stages of spirit. You have the unique ability to break down the big picture while maintaining the artistic nature that is the heroine’s journey.

Neptune with Cancer– You run the risk of delving so deep into the passion that is life you sometimes are unable to make it out of the Alice and Wonderland Fantasy you have created for yourself. You are a powerful empath, you hear colors and feel sounds. This is the placement of a true artist in touch with the rhythms of the human soul.

Neptune with Leo– An explosion of love abounds from this placement. You love to be swept up into deep feelings of passion. You have a commanding and hypnotic presence able to garner the attention of both friends and enemies like nobody else. This energy can pull others in under the illusion of the perfection in imperfection you have achieved. Use this power wisely.

Neptune with Virgo– Please be aware that Virgo holds many secrets to our understanding on being a cell in the larger astral body. Neptune in Virgo will create exquisite and elegant mechanisms for being the best system we can be. We can receive and give the healing we so desperately need.

Neptune with Libra- You can be a singer, you can be an actor, you can perform. You were meant to put on a mask, play a person you are not and change back into your self at the end of the night. You are gifted with the honor of performing being the parts we play and always trying to understand your true self in the process.

Neptune with Scorpio- Lets reach deep into our subconscious and pull out the human intention so we may understand. We will peel back the layers that motivate us to be loving, cruel, and all that is in between. We are human and no one accepts that more than the illusion Neptune with Scorpio creates.

Neptune with Sagittarius -Enter the wanderer. Those that want to physically escape not just mentally escape. There is a longing here to walk the Earth. To be natural and experience the freedoms that come from being a sovereign. You are your own nation, wild, and free at heart.

Neptune in Capricorn- You are a product of Earth energies and in touch with the crystal current energy. You create through connection with ancient peoples. In understanding the perceived past you tap into the create wild self you feel you have always been beneath a structure of missed opportunities.


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