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Astrological Houses- 1st House

The 12 houses in astrology set the stage for where events take place. Keeping in line with evolutionary astrology I use the Porphyry house system. My original training in astrology had me using the whole sign house system, which I still use for certain things.

I find the Porphyry system works well in accurately connecting past life patterns to the present life. Major life events will typically line up with the transits happening over the house cusps. Porphyry house system also allows for very specific detail which can be helpful in reading the nodal story. In evolutionary astrology the nodal story starts with the South Node of the Moon and builds on the rest of the natal chart to weave together the past life imprints you have carried into this life. The houses help set the scene for the areas of life in which events have taken place and will take place again. Each astrological house represent multiple areas of your life ranging from your finances to your psyche.

The first house in astrology represents you, the body, the outward appearance, and the parts of life you live out in front of others. It is where your Rising or Ascendent sign begins. This is your first impression house. If you have a planet here such as Pluto or Mars life may tend towards intense and at times very difficult. Pluto or Mars placed in the first house demonstrates past life patterns in which your circumstances were extreme, where you were on the front lines feeling emotions at a deep core level. These memories move with you into this life and live within your spiritual body eventually moving into the physical body. At times unexplained pain or scars can be attributed to an unhealed trauma or cause of death from a past life.

The relationship you have to your body is directly related to the sign on the cusp of the 1st house. You may feel at home in your body or maybe you feel a disconnection, this placement will help reveal the deeper meaning behind your experience. The sign on the house cusp will tell you why you choose to style yourself in a certain way or the voice you speak with. The element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) of the sign placed on the first house will give you more insight into your body type. The first house is your entrance into the soul’s path living your Earth existence. The body we take on this journey is an important aspect to evolution. Our spirit stores information in the physical body. There is evidence for ancestral memories being passed from generation to generation. The essence of your aura, also part of the physical body, starts to tell an even deeper story of who you are.

This is one of the most public areas of our chart. There is an element of fate in the 1st house as we can hide our thoughts within ourselves while we can only put on a mask over the body our soul is housed in. If you have always felt that your Sun sign does not fit you then look to your 1st house, you may be expressing your Rising sign more than your Sun sign identity.


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