Astrological Houses- 2nd House

Traditionally the 2nd house in astrology represents your possessions and ability to make money. With the advent of psychological astrology the meaning of the houses evolved and the 2nd hosue grew to include your values and how you value yourself. This is the house of the “selfs” self-love, self-esteem, self-care, and self-hatred.

A strong second house indicates past life issues around making money and valuing yourself. Your life on this go round with contain themes of lessons or healing yoru relationship with material possessions, which in turn affects your self-esteem. The reason for this is that the majority of upbringings from around the world program you to equate financial success with life success. This attitude can have a profound effect on your self-worth. The world is learning to heal these lessons as a collective through the painful realization that humans are greedy. In truth, I find nothing wrong with financial success, it is the overall emphasis on material success as the only measure of being a fully realied human being.

Human beings have a rich underlying relationship with material culture. One of the greatest honors of having a life experience is being able to participate in the physical world. To taste, touch, smell and as a collective we have severely hindered these experiences by trapping ourselves in a cycle of greed. If you have Pluto placed in this house you are helping the world work out these issues on a micro-cosmic level. Pluto placed in the second house demonstrates past lives in which you had to survive to make money in ways that caused you to devalue yourself as a human being. You brought with you into this life an attitude of self-hatred. In this cycle you may work to find balance in valuing all the beautiful possessions you have available to you without going to those darker places of greed, jealousy, and self loathing.

If you have your South Node in the 2nd house you will have life themes around finances. You may experience hurdles over the resources you have, you may have to share or borrow from others. In a past life you may have had a life of poverty and you had to fight for everything you had. Your past life themes may have involved you supporting someone and never receiving what you thought was owed back to you and you have carried that entitlement into this life and you are working through that now. Your life lessons will include finding balance in learning to provide for yourself and others in harmony. Learning to accept help graciously and appreciate the soul experience you represent. To overcome body issues, imbalances with your relationship to your possessions/money, and ultimately the healing of your self-respect.

Beyond the first house you are starting to put together a more complete identity using the gifts of the 2nd house. What you enjoy doing, what environments you like being in, and what objects you like to surround yourself with hold deep importance in your life. When you take time to understand how you interact with your things, where they are sourced from, and how your food, clothes, and belongings are made you are honoring the process it takes for those objects to come into being.

We are surrounded by the resources we need. Humans have developed incredible ways to feed a growing world population, however, it is imperative that we do not neglect the planet that has given us these resources in the process.

The 2nd house experience can be rich and abundant. You have the ability to work through your relationship with yourself and how you obtain and maintain resources. How does this ultimately affect your view of yourself? Do you feel insecure about your resources and feed stress into these fears? Or do you value yourself as a human first and make life choices based on self-care and love? These are the lessons of the second house.

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