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Current Moon Phase

First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Cancer
The moon is 7 days old

Distance: 58 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: -3 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 91 degrees


New business cards just in time for NORWAC! #norwac2018 #astrology #business #mystic #witchesofinstagram #astrologer #norwac #intuitive #spiritual #mysticaastrology 🌙💙🌙 We are under the spell of the dreamy mystic as the Moon meets up with Neptune today in Pisces and makes a harmonizing trine to Jupiter in Scorpio at 11:11 pm tonight (PST). This is a magically potent time just before the New Moon. The veil between worlds is VERY thin. Your dreams, psychic power, and intuition are very strong right now 🔮🌑✨👻. #witchesofinstagram #mysticism #1111 #pisces #newmoon #scorpio #psychic #astrology #dreams #jupiter #moon #neptune #intuition #mystic #darkmoon #flowers #timetravel #dreamy #trance #magical 🌜We are under the influence of the waning half moon. Using the energy of the Moon in Sag and the Sun in Pisces focus on illuminating your blind spots. Your doors of perception need to be wide open as we prepare for the next phase of the lunar cycle at the Pisces new moon happening next week 🌙🥀. Tarot Deck: Morgan-Greer  #witchesofinstagram #tarot #2ofswords #waningmoon #moon #balance #release #pisces #sagittarius #perception #friday #illuminate #consciousness #shift #blindspot #spiritual #newmoon #sun #astrology 🧡🔥The sunset looks like fire tonight🔥 Perfect as Mercury transitions out of Pisces and into the temperamental sign of Aries this week. Expect communication to be direct and impulsive directed at topics of the self and identity ☀️🔥. #mercury #aries #sunset #astrology #fire #pisces #transit #identity #communication #selflove #witchesofinstagram #sky #trees #beyourself My oracle cat consulted her @wemoonofficial calendar today! 🌕 The Moon moves into Libra tomorrow make the most of the lingering Full Moon energy from yesterday which begins to wane by this afternoon🌕. #moon #wemoon2018 #fullmoon #witch #virgo #libra #pisces #cat #catsofinstagram #astrology #love #waningmoon #oracle #transit #witchesofinstagram #goddess Monthly Horoscopes are up! Link in bio...We also have a Full Moon in Virgo today: this Moon is witchy, Earthy, and very connected to the needs of the physical body. Don’t be surprised if you are more sensitive to bumps in your daily routine! 🌕🌎🍄♍️ 🖤. #astrology #horoscope #fullmoon #virgo #pisces #witchy #witchesofinstagram #loveyourself #earth #love #astrologersofinstagram #moon #spiritual #knowthyself #witchcraft Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius are forming an intense square right now straining our relationships a bit...temper that by holding some loving rose quartz✨ ❤️💔❤️✨. #astrology #venus #mars #love #relationships #synastry #composite #rosequartz #crystal #spirit #balance #temperance #pisces #sagittarius The Intensity of Spirit today ✨☀️✨. #spirit #rosequartz #light #bright #witchesofinstagram #crystalhealing #aura #soul #eye #solar #astrology #thirdeye #psychic #empath

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September 2017 Evolve-Scopes

Pisces ♓︎
Those you had soul contracts with in past incarnations are joining you on journey at this time. It may be subtle but pay attention to new people who enter your life or are already in your life that stir tension in you. Those that spark your creativity or bring you a sense of past knowing are the people you need in your life right now.

Aries ♈︎
You are called at this time to focus and harness your boundless energy. One way to do this may be to attend a workshop, class, or online program to explore more in depth skills for your spiritual path. Light a candle. Focus on your body mind connection. Hold onto to an intuitive crystal. Answers will come to you.

Taurus ♉︎
This month is a time of personal creativity for you. You feel expansive as you put together crafts and works of art, images, displays, and altars you have been stagnating on. Use this time to enjoy other creative people and connect to others in places such as festivals, art shows, and spiritual gatherings. This is where your fuel will come from as you continue on your spiritual path.

Gemini ♊︎
What brings you to that place where everything feels like it is converging and caving in on itself? You are feeling a deep desire at this time to turn inward. You need this time to refocus your mind and your approach to family, neighbors, and relationships. You tend to get stuck in your own head but the energy is calling for something else. This month name your true desires, speak your truth and do not be afraid to ask you partner for what you truly need.

Cancer ♋︎
What do you value most Cancer? This month is about self love, realizing you are worthy of love from yourself and from others. This powerful time allows for you to identify what you need most, there is energy and drive behind this passion. Evolve this month by exploring your desires and attractions, things may not seem clear in the present moment but the clouds will clear soon.

Leo ♌︎
All eyes are on you this month Leo. Without too much pressure to perform, admiration from others is showered upon you. Evolve this month by using discernment, it is important to sift through who is being genuine with you. You will come to realize which people are the one’s worthy of your energy and time. Explore what trust means to you. Trust in yourself, your judgement, and others.

Virgo ♍︎
Happy Birthday Virgos! You are blessed this month with an opening from spirit. This month will allow you to connect with the astral planes. Open your mind and make space for meditation, hypnosis, and other out of body/mind experiences. You are ready to receive these gifts now. Allow yourself to be open to these possibilities.

Libra ♎︎
Libra, you may find difficulty this month in accessing parts of your psyche you usually have available to you. It may feel that your soul is searching for depth and experiencing emotions at a much deeper, abstract level than you usually feel. Evolve this month by embracing this new filter on your emotions. This may reveal a feeling of empathy you did not know you could access.

Scorpio ♏︎
This may feel like a complex time for you as you are sifting through your personal identity in the context of other people. If you feel deep shame over an aspect of your psyche this time will be personally healing for you as you realize all people have a shadow self. With your consent, information will be downloaded to your psyche in the form of symbols. Pay very close attention to information you receive, there are important messages for your growth at this time.

Sagittarius ♐︎
The focus this month is on planning. Plan for the future and what is possible. Who do you want to be in this world? How do you see yourself being a spiritual guide to others on this path? This is the time to carve out the plan for this emerging identity. This time next year, barriers will be lifted and the existence you dreamt about will start to materialize.

Capricorn ♑︎
There seems to be a barricade in front of you at this time. Your third eye intuition is being suppressed by something much bigger than yourself. You are tuned into the institutions that represent the larger state of the current world and you feel it deeply. You carry a heaviness with you at this time. Remember who you truly are, you choose your level of involvement.

Aquarius ♒︎
You are discovering a depth that exists outside yourself. You are realizing that beyond you is a world with many layers. You think you might explore this further, but are unsure how much trust you have in this new process. It is okay to dive in and surrender your pre-conceived ideas of what the experience will be like for your most honest involvement in the spiritual world.

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