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October 2017 Evolve-Scopes

Read the horoscope for your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign.

Pisces ♓︎
The misty foggy energy is palpable as you are entering into a powerful time of ritual and magic. It is time now to explore your subconscious mind, to look deep into the looking glass and just be. This is not a time for analyzing or trying to put words to your experiences. As the Sun and Mercury pass through your 8th solar house you embark on a journey of the psyche, floating in time. A time when you will name, identify, and travel to your shadow self. This experience will be without bounds.

Aries ♈︎
Look to your polarity sign this month, Libra. Contemplate balance, specifically between your relationships and your work responsibilities. Interestingly, the independent identity you so dramatically have crafted for yourself is about to experience a shift in consciousness. You seek now, your identity in others and at work. Keep your heart open as an unexpected partnering may be in on the horizon with the Sun in your 7th solar house of partnerships. Be mindful of your work environment and the people you come in contact within these spaces.

Taurus ♉︎
Take your time this month dear Taurus. Prepare for the months ahead and the winter season. Energy is available for the work you do and the more you schedule yourself out and seek out partners to assist you the more successful you will be. Towards the end of the month as the Sun moves from your Solar 6th house into your Solar 7th house a grapple with identity is highlighted. Analyze yourself against the backdrop of your partnerships. Are you honoring your body and psyche within the context of these relationships. Do you align values, schedules, and truly share a life together? Or are you co-existing for convenience? Honesty with yourself and with others is paramount at this time.

Gemini ♊︎
The power of words is your theme for this month. As the veil thins between the worlds cook up your poetic magic. How do your words inspire, influence, or even hurt others? Be mindful of your voice and how you express the complex creative creature you are. The vibration and tone your voice projects does make a difference on your environment. As science catches up with metaphysics worlds combine to show us that the words we speak have the power to change the metaphysical properties of food, water, and the environments around us. We live on a living, breathing planet and you have the power to embody this thought form.

Cancer ♋︎
More than anything you long to belong. This longing wells up inside of you this month and drives a sense of urgency to understand where your true home is. Focus on the people you share your sanctuary with. Take time for yourself to meditate on the meaning of belonging. Does this ever include co-dependency on your part? Although you aim to please the people in your life, remember there is a balance and this month you are feeling the tension between giving and receiving. True equity can be found when these channels are open and flowing freely.

Leo ♌︎
We have an existential crisis on our hands as you hone in on the part of the mind-body-self we call “consciousness”. What is it and how does it fit into the scientific construct of being? The boundaries of your imagination expand this month as personal contact with others, family members, and community members assists you in realigning your sense of being. Spend time meditating, conversing, and experiencing this aspect of reality. Watch “mind bending” movies, listen to astral music, or connect with an experience outside your comfort zone. Allow for science and spiritualism to be different sides of the same coin.

Virgo ♍︎
This month you are plagued by a sense of urgency you cannot shake. Your typical practical approach to life just does not have the same ring to it per your usual self. This month follow your drive and instinct. Open yourself to your sense of flash intuition. Deep inside a starving artist lives, let this person out. Feel this tension, the creative force of passion. Contrary to popular programming you can make a living as an artist. Muster your courage, call upon your inner strength to take yourself to the next level.

Libra ♎︎
Dear Libra your year with Jupiter is coming to a close as Jupiter heads out of Libra and into Scorpio near the middle of the month. Every twelve years Jupiter makes its way through your sign and the transit is highlighted by indulgences, wage raises, weight gain, and a philosophical expanded awareness. Although this energy is leaving your Solar space, all eyes are not off of Libra. The lessons gained during this transit have left you with more to think about, more to aim for, and a greater sense of your ability to share your beautiful gifts with the world around you. Take confidence Libra in your skills. Allow yourself to be bold and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Scorpio ♏︎
The world may feel like an overwhelming place at times. There are things that trap us and responsibilities we cannot shake. This month, as the Sun passes through your 12th solar house the walls you have built around you are closing in. A struggle with pressure and an overwhelming sense of being trapped starts to creep over you. This will become obvious to those around you before your conscious mind is let in on the “secret.” This month focus on self care. Take time off to rest and be lazy. Your responsibilities will still be there when you return, right now it is more important to take a breather and release the self imposed boundaries you have placed upon yourself.

Sagittarius ♐︎
You will experience a call to leadership this month in your community. People are looking to you for your gifts, talents, and expertise. Others need you right now and they need you to lead them. Show other people your truth. Energize others around you with your enthusiasm. You are called now to speak in front of a crowd, share your poetry, share your religion. This is a moment when people will listen. The people need a voice to put their faith in. People are open to you at this time, be heard.

Capricorn ♑︎
No one understands feeling inadequate like a Capricorn. Human beings are programmed to feel undeserving in so many aspects of life. Capricorn energy lives out this lesson for the Zodiac and we have much to learn from this struggle. This month your lesson is to remember that you deserve to be happy. You deserve recognition and appreciation for the person you are, not just the work you do. You feel you can only be appreciated for recognition in the mainstream, this month I urge you to allow yourself to be noticed for more than just your career self. You have a strong desire to be known for your passions and talents, share what you know. Embrace this.

Aquarius ♒︎
You are intellectual and smart. You love to hear that actually. This month your genius self is highlighted. You enter into a journey of the higher mind. Focus is placed on your 9th Solar house as Jupiter and Mercury get together to give you the push you need to put your thoughts into writing. Write poetry, draw, work on computers, and stare in awe at the beauty technology is. Your identity is enhanced this month with endless energy flow into your mind. Study the tarot suit of the swords, you will find much inspiration and psychological depth in these images.

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