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Jupiter & the Pluto in Scorpio Generation

As Jupiter begins its year-long transit of Scorpio for the next year I want to highlight the impact this will have on the Pluto in Scorpio generation. If you were born between approximately 1983 and 1996 you are part of this Pluto in Scorpio generation, which also makes you a Millennial (buts that is a story for another time). Each Pluto generation is  tasked with being an ambassador for collective evolutionary work that needs to take place. This Pluto generation is characterized by embodied sexuality and deep psychological power. Being born with this placement you are tuned into the transformations that culture, people, and the world cycle through.  Pluto has an irregular orbit and spends the shortest amount of time, approximately 12-14 years, in this sign during its 248 year path around the Sun.

The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was in 2005 and it will be returning again to the sign of Scorpio on October 10/11th 2017 and transit through until November of 2018. So how will this impact the Pluto in Scorpio generation? First lets look at how this played out in transits during Jupiter’s 12 year cycles. Think about years 2005 and 1994, these were the years during which Jupiter would have been making this connection with the natal Pluto of the 1983 to 1996 generation. What were those years like and is any of that energy present in this current time? The karmic burden that this generation is working through will become more manifest and more pronounced in the year ahead as Jupiter brings enlightenment and expansion to this energy. This generation has a keen understanding of the psychology of motivation with the ability to tap into the energy current of the psyche and shadow mind. Many people in this generation are here to transform aspects power structures of our world that are built on psychological manipulation and programming. They are here to bring tension and awareness to these issues. To build a bridge that will align the body, mind, and soul for people to work through the deepest parts of their spirit.

If you have this Pluto placement look to your Mars sign to see where your “fight” is, what aspect of society have you been called to bring awareness to? You are here to bring deep emotional connection to this world. Part of this generations work is to assist in bringing meaningfulness into the everyday. Pluto in Scorpio people are here to look beneath the surface, to find work that is meaningful, and to find purpose in existing. This generation is okay with transforming systems that no longer serve us to connect to movements that are inclusive, sustainable, and inspired.

With Jupiter transiting this sign for the next 13 months we will feel an increase in Scorpio themes. There will be an intensity rising up in Scorpio individuals, a search for authentic experience in line with personal vibration. During this phase the Scorpio Pluto generation will find innovative ways to make money, to embody open-minded forms of sexuality, and to connect to psychic abilities. This generation represents transcendence of the religious and political institutions and leadership. Pluto in Scorpio people are here to change power dynamics and make sense of meaning in the shadow life experiences of pain, abuse, and trauma and ultimately to help us all find a sense of true healing.


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