Astrology Houses Theory

Astrological Houses- 3rd House

The 3rd the house in the chart is the space of Goddess energy and community. In this house we make connections, share with our neighbors, and experience our immediate environments. We go to elementary school and begin developing our personalities in relation to our earliest forms of social programming. This house has a fate element to it, representing our childhood communities, siblings, and elementary schools because as children we do not have control over the family we are born into, the siblings we have, or the “programing” we are first exposed to. It is only when we become autonomous individuals through life’s initiations that we are pushed out into the larger community and forced to re-evaluate our programming. The places we grow up in shape in large part how we develop, even if we develop  in rebellion to the community we were first a part of it does not negate this experience as we needed it as a way of defining ourselves through separation from those beliefs, values, cultures, etc. We may go through many 3rd house experiences through life, at different times, and various levels of intensity.

Think back to your earliest memories of your upbringing (not so much your parents as this energy is expressed in other ares of the chart but your immediate communities). What were your neighbors like? What were your first experiences in grammar school, home-school, day-care, dance class, or your earliest friendships? How were these relationships defined and how have these memories played a part in shaping the person you are now? Meditating on these questions will help you uncover defining moments in your life and marked experiences that have shaped you.

This house relates to our siblings and how we interact with those closest in age and up-bringing to us. Some of us grew up in close proximity to our siblings, others have never met some siblings, or grew up in a blended family each having differing and defining characteristics and influences on life. Look to this area of your chart for more information on how these relationships have defined, affected, or are currently playing out in your life.

The energy of the Goddess and Empress card from the Tarot are also embodied in this house as it contains the energy of the trinity, triple goddess, and the early stages of creation. The pure energy of individualism from the 1st house and values from the 2nd house converge to create something new, a being in your own right ready to define yourself against the backdrop of those around you. The 3rd house may be seen as a step in the journey of Carl Jung’s individuation process theory; understanding your history, upbringing, and early learning environments as a means to self knowing.

If your chart is heavily weighted with third house planets or aspects then there is work for you to do within your community. Depending on the sign and/or planets influencing this energy you can enter this house’s play space for exploration of your childhood/sibling relationships and you may use this energy to bring  you into the future. You may be a voice for creating community and/or local activism. You may be a leader in your community, a school teacher, or assisting in local governments and policy. Other themes of this house include festivals, community celebrations, parties, dedication rituals, and initiation. With wit, words, and charisma the energy of the 3rd house allows for the beginning stages of community learning and participation.


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