Lunar Eclipse – Facing Our Shadow

We have our second Full Moon this month happening on January 31st; a rare “Blue Moon” event and also the start of 2018’s eclipse cycle. The Moon is Full at 5:27am Pacific Standard Time(PST) and shortly after the Earth’s shadow will pass over the Moon at 5:31am PST creating a beautiful early morning Lunar eclipse.

Eclipses “block” the normal flow of life and reveal to us a different side of the story. They act as portals into other realms, provide a lateral shift in perspective, and give us a glimpse into our subconscious. Eclipse energy is when our Shadow self comes out to play, as the masks we use to suppress these sides of ourselves are momentarily removed. Eclipses are often described as times of crisis, intensity, and can be very emotional as they force us to confront energy we may not have dealt with in some time. This too shall pass though and  life will return to a “normal” pace.

If we adequately prepare for this intensity and know that we will be facing our shadow straight on in the mirror we will better be able to sit with this energy when it arrives. We can harness the raw potency of the Lunar Eclipse to release and let go of the past, which is represented by the Moon. The Eclipses directly corresponds to the Lunar Nodes, which are two mathematical points calculated based on the Moon’s pathway around the ecliptic. In western astrology the common interpretations of these points has developed where the North Node is the path towards soul-purpose and the South Node is the path towards exploring past life lessons the soul has already learned.

This Eclipse will fall on the Nodal Axis of North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. Look to Aquarius energy for what to release and Leo themes for what to integrate. Leo corresponds with creative life force, storytelling, sexuality, leadership, and heart centered generosity. Aquarius corresponds to fixed ideals, social activism, prophecy, and emotional detachment. During the Lunar Eclipse meditate on these themes and how they can be acted out in your life to be more fulfilling and malleable. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs meaning they fall in the middle of a season and are associated with having unwavering beliefs and ideals. On a soul level this eclipse will be a powerful time to take an inventory of your own belief systems. Where do you need to release or open up in order to re-work these energies in your life? Examine if the fixed beliefs you have are necessary and helpful. The forces that are acting now are in signs of action and should be acted out in the external world. Bring your new ideals out in the open and share with a loyal friend. Have no fear in self-expression! Although, after the eclipse energy wanes you may try to take back what you revealed about yourself, therefore; be ready for the personal shift in awareness that comes with expressing your raw authenticity. This can be a difficult lesson to go through, especially if acted in public on social media or within your community. But it can be so rewarding to fully express yourself!

This Eclipse is a powerful time to pull tarot or oracle cards, work ritual or magic, and open up to prophetic vision. Enjoy this eclipse season, even when things seem difficult; the Leo energy we are integrating as a soul collective is uninhibited, basks in creativity, and feels no shame in sexual expression or being oneself.  Keywords: Love, Playfulness, Integrity.


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