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Solar Eclipse: Calling Back Your Spiritual Sovereignty

The morning of Thursday February 15th 2018 brings a lot of action and planetary alignments including a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius. This energy is unique, powerful, and somewhat difficult. This eclipse energy is urging us to call back our spiritual sovereignty. Be our own being and not give even an ounce of our power away for the wrong reasons. Call this power back to yourself during this eclipse. This partial eclipse is like a portal pulling us into the depths of our psychic abyss. Answer this call. You are powerful in your own right. We are urged now to be the truest highest expression of ourselves. Approval from others is absolutely not required or necessary. This energy can be difficult as the Sun’s light is being blocked by the Moon and the path will be darker, however; let your own spirit guide you to the endpoint. You already know the way with ease so release control and employ faith and trust in yourself. Release yourself from these boundaries and let go of your layers of bias and victimhood so you can truly be free. A spiritual sovereign of your own life.


                                     Queen of Wands from the Mary-El Tarot

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