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March 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

March 2018 Horoscopes

Pisces ♓︎
This month starts off with powerful Full moon energy influencing your sign. All of Spirit is trying to talk to you right now. Explore the concepts of belief and being. Is faith just for religion or do we need to have faith in other areas of life as well? Choose to be yourself this month. So many doors will be open for you, the possibilities are there for you to write, create, be, and partner up. By the end of the month clarity will start to take shape, manifesting in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

Aries ♈︎
Emotions run high right now and you are responding to this cosmic force by being a bit “touchy.” Your feelings are getting hurt more easily as your shields are down. People may be telling you how sensitive you are. Any feelings of depression will fade by the end of the month as light shines on you. You will feel revitalized and ready for anything, just get through the wishy-washy first half of the month. Everything will be fine you will see.

Taurus ♉︎
This is a beautiful month for you. Your physical body is a focus and so much energy is pouring in through you. Energy healing, Reiki, deep breathing, and yoga are all excellent outlets for this flow. Your psychic abilities are being activated right now, which will come in the form of physical sensations as you empathically tune into those around you. You may feel chills running down your spine or tightness in your stomach as you pick up on other’s anxiety. Check in with yourself to see if the energy is truly yours or someone else’s.

Gemini ♊︎
You are in the spotlight this month and this may surprise you but people will be drawn to you for your intuitive gifts. Your psychic doors will fly open and loads of information will be pouring through you. Channeling and automatic writing are excellent ways for Gemini to explore psychic senses. You are feeling more sensitive than usual. Keep this power flowing with the fire energy that will give you an extra boost at the end of the month!

Cancer ♋︎
This month is about actual travel, which is strange as you are normally such a home body. There will be deep realizations about religion, your beliefs, and the power of spirit. Fully open to these experiences as the results can be profound. Be extremely cautious not to get swept up in someone else dreams, beliefs, and path. The lines are blurrier than usual right now and it is easy to fall into this trap of illusion. It can feel natural for you to merge with others and follow along, but in reality you are an initiator of spirit and need to stand on your own. Embrace and discover your own systems of belief, your own view of the world, and your unique experience of the psyche.

Leo ♌︎
You are channeling some powerful psychic energy right now. There may be difficulty in reconciling this with the people around you. You feel a desperate need to share these deep experiences and you find so much depth and creativity in exploring these realms. Consider if you tend to give away your power to easily and if you are sharing your mystical experiences with others who will not appreciate your profound transformation. Make sure this exchange is balanced so as not to devalue your honest experiences.

Virgo ♍︎
You look into a camera lens and the view on the other side is blurry, you can make out some aspects of what is going on but the overall sense is like a dreamscape. This is an intense period for you and your personal relationships are front and center. You feel unclear about what is going on in your relationship(s) and are asking yourself some really tough questions. Can I still be myself within this partnership? What about me and my identity? You are feeling so desperate in love. This can be a very creative period for you if energy is channeled in the right places. The fuzziness will start to clear towards the end of the month and the questions you had at the beginning of the month will finally reveal solid answers for better or for worse.

Libra ♎︎
If you are an artist or in a creative field this will be a very productive time for you. Creatively speaking you dive deep into the realm of spirit to draw in your inspiration. Work life feels balanced and you are happy to have time to work on projects you have wanted to get into for some time. You can connect with other artists, apply to jobs, explore other mediums of art and you will find success in branching out. If you have a brand work on it now, everything should fall into place. So much of our world is turning towards creating a “personal brand” and leaving positions where you work for someone else. This energy is working for you right now. Let your creativity take off and lay the groundwork for your business idea.

Scorpio ♏︎
It is no surprise that you have found something very deep in this world as you represent the depths of the ocean, the darkest waters where unknown creatures and beings exist. Maybe there are mermaids down there, it is hard to say what is reality and what is not when we traverse the different realms of being. Your cosmic connection is intense this month. You feel deeply, powerfully, and with a profound sense of creation. The world of myth is were you will find solace for this longing. Read the mighty myths of creation, the underworld, and adventure as you weave together your own personal mythos and story. This is what connects us all and you are embodying this connection.

Sagittarius ♐︎
How to temper your temper right now? You need water, you need to balance anger with water. Blow off steam by swimming laps, standing in the rain, or take a long bath. Most of your emotions are being overshadowed by a sense of aggression and intensity. Relax and take some rest days at home. The Full Moon at the beginning of the month is a powerful portal for you, channel that energy properly and you will see results. Your family relationships may get a bit prickly, just be honest and temper the energy with understanding. By the end of the month everything will have settled some and the overwhelming feelings of being ill at ease will pass.

Capricorn ♑︎
You are learning from the people around you, learning to be open, and learning to participate. This is one of the hardest barriers for you to overcome. You are an internal processor and you struggle with sharing your ideas with the people around you. You feel a sense of inadequacy and desperate need to overcome this, but never live up to your own expectations when it comes down to it. Recognize that you are not alone in this, everyone has these feelings to some extent. Understanding that others feel that the journey to self-love can be difficult as well; will help you merge with those around you, find empathy, and connection to the cosmic web of being. This may be hard for you to hear but the boundaries you put up are your own and you can overcome them when you realize you release the self-pity that you are the only one who feels this way. You are not.

Aquarius ♒︎
You are overcoming a lot right now, the energy exchange taking place is happening around you not to you. If you tune into your own personal shadow you will begin to rewrite your story. Release the chains and the boundaries you so carefully construct for yourself. You tune into conspiracy theories this month and dive deep into the underbelly of this world and the forces at work beneath the surface. Of course there is balance, but as you depolarize yourself and let go of the illusion that is society you feel a bit empty without the structures you have built your world around; the political ideals and the “isms” you have a stake in. You will scrutinized your values and you will begin to see the deeper meaning and connections between it all.

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