Psychic Surrender: Pisces New Moon

March 17th brings us an early morning New Moon in Pisces (PST). Our power can be found in the days leading up to the new moon. Starting the 15th and 16th of March incredible energy exists in the in-between. Read deeply between the lines and search for the illusory missing links. Pisces represents the All, the subconscious, and a deep sense of longing and connection. We can feel melancholic during this time and wanderlust for something more. Deep within us our spirit knows there is more beyond the reality that exists immediately in front of us.

This New Moon is about diving into the psychic unknown. The portal is wide wide open in order for you to discover your power and healing gifts. Run energy through your body and peer into the deep well that exists inside of you. The momentum of Pisces is gentle and artistic. Your psychic powers will be turned on right now so use them for scrying, reading tarot, or channeling spirit. 

iu-1Besides the Lunar energy pulling and drawing out our psychic gifts it also brings with it the promise of exploring the world of art and fantasy. Neptune has been making its sojourn through its home sign of Pisces and the Moon pairs up with Neptune early Friday morning the 16th. This soft beautiful energy is accompanied by a strong sense for more. We are on the precipice of a spiritual break-through waiting for that moment when everything comes into focus. The Moon is very powerful when aligned with dreamy Neptune. Create, meditate, make music, hold a crystal. Anything that will connect you to the waking dream world of existence.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also activating this New Moon, making it an even more powerful journey into the unknown. Jupiter expands our awareness and widens our breadth of knowledge. We are able to see the bigger picture now. You may feel the urge to go on a long journey; a pilgrimage to self discovery. We are driven to see what is next in an almost impulsive push in the right direction. The tarot card coming to mind for this impulse is the 8 of cups. Your journey may be actual travel or it may be a journey to a deeper understanding of  yourself. Whatever path you choose you have the power to find depth and meaning along the way. Fully surrender to the present, your very psychic vision, and the call of your soul and all that makes us wild. This is your initiation, be careful not to miss it. 

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