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Your Power to Perceive: My Advice for this Mercury Retrograde

March 22nd through Aril 15th brings us our first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 in the sign of Aries. Aries is associated with the fire element and Mercury with information exchange. When Mercury goes retrograde the energy shifts inward, pulling us towards our internal processing mechanisms. Information therefore gets lost, meanings are not conveyed clearly, and schedules get thrown off easier. Use this time to check in with yourself and take a personal inventory of your inner self.

IMG_3838Mercury is moving backwards in Aries reconnecting a square with astrological Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn creating dynamic, tense communication. Here we are urged to observe, absorb, and watch. Use your senses of perception and nuance before taking action; which is a challenge as Aries typically acts on impulse. It is especially important to be aware of the words you are speaking and the emotion you are charging them with during this retrograde. In Lilith’s mythology she freed herself from her relationship by saying the holy name of God. Words are very powerful. We program our matrix with our words and thought patterns. Lilith is impacting this Retrograde to remind you to look deeper at the words you are using and the words other people are saying, especially in the context of relationships and power dynamics. Be cautious you are not exerting “power over” others at this time with the words you use. Help others release feeling inadequate or inferior by validating through listening. Moments of silence can be seen as an opportunity to use your power of perceptive awareness.

Pay attention to your surroundings  and the energy being given off by others. Take a pause before reacting, slow down. This is an opportunity to hone your power of observation. Sit quietly and activate all of your senses. Potential exists in moments of silence, in pauses between statements, and taking breaks in your work. These are moments of peace and balance. Face moments of silence with courage, try not to fill the void or breaks in conversation, instead use that time for energy exchange of what has already been said. Allow time for yourself and others to process. Truly listen.

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