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Love during the Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra on March 31st 2018 opens up your energetic pathways for love and relationships. The Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky during a Full Moon giving us an opportunity to bring awareness and balance to opposing energies. The Moon in Libra is being lit up by the Sun in Aries spot lighting the Libra themes of relating to others socially, romantically, and creatively. The impulse with this energy is to find a balance of pleasure, sexuality, and love in our relationships. The Full Moon represents a culmination of intention and a peak moment of an experience. Some very distinct energy is influencing this Libra Full-Moon, with our teacher planet Saturn in Capricorn forming a dynamic T-square to the Sun and Moon, urging us to explore our boundaries and limits within relationships. With Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, having just moved into the sensual sign of Taurus on Friday March 30th our desire for sex, love, and pleasure are forefront.

So here are five ways you can embrace your love magick this Full-Moon. Read on..

  1. Self Love! pexels-photo-597200 The Aries Sun has a tendency for selfishness in the shadow form; however, that is the balance being sought between Libra and Aries during this Full Moon. Learn to love yourself and give yourself pleasure. This can be expressed through self-sex but also through giving yourself sweetness. Be kind to yourself, rest, eat sweets, and indulge your body in pleasure. Your sexuality is powerful magick during this Full Moon.
  2. Social Media Date! pexels-photo-386133Libra LOVES social media. As Libra is the zodiac sign of relating, what better way to relate to others than through social media platforms? Give out lots of extra likes and hearts. Interact with your social media community, comment, and engage with others in genuine and authentic dialogue.
  3. pexels-photo-326612Have Courage! Aries provides an opportunity for courage. Put yourself out there, speak up, and say exactly what you want. The universe rewards us when we are bold and we push beyond our self-imposed limits and boundaries. Just be sure to be mindful of the boundaries of others!
  4. Be Sexually Adventurous! pexels-photo-220483Mars in Capricorn may not sound like a sexy combination, however; Mars, our planet symbolizing drive and libido is going through one of the lustiest signs of the zodiac. This increase in sex drive can push you to try something new with your partner, be more open to kink, or …(insert your own ideas here;) Of course use Capricorn practicality and be safe!
  5. Find Balance! pexels-photo-207962Embracing love requires balance. The potent Full Moon energy is powerful and at times overwhelming, just as our own sexuality can be. Temper this with romance and sweetness. Libra loves love for loves sake. Libra finds pleasure in relating socially and making romantic connections with others. The Libra/Aries axis is asking that you explore the balance between sexuality and love. Complex and interwoven these life themes are highly personal experiences that we work through throughout life. Finding balance between the two can help us on the journey to experience loving and being loved more deeply.

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