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Finding Courage- April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes


Finding Courage – April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes. Read for your Sun Sign or Rising Sign.

Pisces ♓︎

adventure-backlit-dark-357891You will need courage this month dear Pisces as you work on the skill of discernment. So often ready to dive in to a reality of your own making this month brings you a confronting reality check. Your values and integrity may be called into question by others. Intense honesty will be the central focus of your conversations and may lead to an impulsive change in course. The slow-moving minor planet Chiron is transitioning our of your sign having taught you how to face your wounds and trauma with courage. The energy may be intense right now. 

Aries ♈︎

You embody the archetype of the sacred warrior. Emboldened by the Sun making its way through your sign you are blessed with fearlessness and determination to push forward. People may find your bravery overwhelming; but your direction and leadership are needed right now. Beneath your tough exterior you may find yourself over thinking and giving in to self-doubt. Embrace your role as an advocate for others, fighting for the underdog. You have the power to make a difference.

Taurus ♉︎

pexels-photo-326603Your energy will be suspended this month and you will be overwhelmed by a feelings of being “trapped.” There is a block in your energy field right now, it seems obvious to everyone but you. Look to others for insight into what is going on, seek out trusted counsel. Right now, a guide will be helpful as you explore the uncharted territory of you inner psyche. Venus enters your sign on the first of the month making it easier for you to relate to others and seek out the advisors you need. The week of the 16th your energy block with soften and the advice you sought out early in the month can be put into action. 

Gemini ♊︎

adventure-aerial-air-670061The current planetary energy vibes well with you this month. Activity will be buzzing and you thrive in sharing community with others. Your influence is strong right now so move forward with gusto. Mercury is in retrograde in Aries until April 15th which will particularly effect your sign as Mercury is your sign’s ruling planet, take extra time in getting places, communicating, and reviewing messages before pressing send. Use this time to harness the power of your potential of individuality for the greater good. What you put out in the universe now is for everyone, your self-expression benefits us all. 

Cancer ♋︎

adventure-clouds-dawn-221191Coming out of winter and into spring has given you a spiritual boost. All of the Seasonal changes are powerful times for you as you have an empathic connection to cycles of time. The Sun’s fire energy that spring brings will have you focused on personal enlightenment. You breath in this energy, this fire for a true spiritual experiences. So often you are connected to the gentle powers of the Moon but this month brings more of a jolt to your spiritual experiences. Flash intuition and gut instincts are very strong right now. The energy mellows out around the 20th when you will have an intuitive need to retreat from the energy you expended earlier in the month. Self-Care is paramount at that time.

Leo ♌︎

Spiritual journeys characterize the first half of your month. This spiritual exploration can take place in many ways. You may find yourself energized to explore new religious philosophies, or study the history of religions influence on society. You feel passion for these topics and will move from topic to topic quickly. Consciousness studies fascinate you right now as you expand awareness for what is and what isn’t. Lucid dream travel is probable right now, tell yourself to remember your dreams. Messages are ready to come to you through dreams now. 

Virgo ♍︎

Recycled ideas make their way back into your life. People and things you thought you had separated from begin to take up room in your mind space. This month is about facing your dusty skeletons, unfinished ideas, and releasing them. You will begin to evaluate how you feel about the responsibilities you have taken on. A spiritual shift will take place as you begin to embrace the idea that only you alone chose to take on those responsibilities. This is when realization can lead to release. Tuesday, April 24th will open a portal for you ripe with the possibility of making your new life manifest. 

Libra ♎︎

adult-blond-blonde-415543You act as a mirror for others right now as people are able to see themselves reflected in you. This gives you a sense of merging with the collective providing you deep insight into the needs of others. You are pre-occupied with curating your life to appear that all is beautiful. Sharing your struggles and needs with others can act as a doorway leading to a life long friendship and connection. Maybe let your guard down just a bit and your authentic experience to be expressed and shared. 

Scorpio ♏︎

art-artwork-beautiful-378371Driven to perfection you look to deepen your daily practice. The keyword this month is devotion as you are driven to put more effort towards dedicating yourself to your meditation, religion, yoga, spirituality, etc. You will find the path of mysticism can be found within you. The nagging feeling that you can be doing something better, more in-depth and with more intense passion pushes you towards perfection. This can feel very transformative. Near the end of the month you will be looking to pull others in on your new-found path.

Sagittarius ♐︎

Contemplation of what brings you joy is your focus this month. In what areas of life do you feel motivated, turned on, and energized? The opportunity to be creative is so important to your overall happiness. On a spiritual level you are responsible for creating your own reality. Your thoughts, actions, and emotions program the world you live in;  with the power to change aspects of your situation if you so choose. Use your emotional intelligence creatively this month. You can gain the upper hand when your emotions are directed effectively to solve a problem.

Capricorn ♑︎

abstract-arachnid-art-206901As Mercury planet of communication moves back towards Saturn conjunct Mars in Capricorn you are given the drive and discipline needed to break through. You have been working spiritually for some time on manifesting the things in life you want. Manifestation comes to fruition as opportunity meets preparation. You have learned that the intentions you set can actually happen! Saturn, our teacher planet, is reminding you to be mindful with your intentions. As they have the potential to become reality!

Aquarius ♒︎

animal-art-costume-908686You are feeling wild and eccentric and are given an opportunity to share this with others this month. Finding your spiritual center and working from there is key. Characterized by Goddess energy, this month, tap into the powerful energy of Gaia. Tune into the rhythms of the planet, animals, and plants. Working with crystals and other natural forms will add depth  and beauty to your spiritual practice. You are driven to explore the mysteries of planetary and Moon cycles. 

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