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Lilith’s Shadow in Your Astrology Chart

This article is dedicated to the Goddess Lilith in astrology; her meaning and power in your chart and how to integrate these sides of shadow.

Let’s walk through the 3 gates of Lilith, to discover what lies hidden. Your shadow realm is a collection of personal demons, death, and trickster energy; Lilith in astrology is a shadow guide for these parts of self.

Here I examine the astrological placements of Lilith. Her name, taken from Hebrew mythos and religion, has been used to represent three different components in astrology; an actual asteroid body orbiting the Earth, a mathematical point on the Moon’s elliptical orbit (Lunar Apogee), and a possible shadow Lunar body which quickly orbits around the Earth.

The existence of the third point is still to be proven by astronomy, which deepens the controversy and the mystery of her presence in astrology.

Lilith in Astrology – Naming Asteroids

Lady Lilith By Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Let’s look at the naming of asteroids in astrology and my thoughts on this before moving on to Lilith specifically.

Asteroid interpretation in astrology is useful, nuanced, and provides valuable details to a reading.

Asteroids are typically named after beings found in mythology and allow for a wider breadth of characteristics to draw from beyond the culturally dominant stories from Greek and Roman myths as is the case with the major planets (Saturn, Mars, Venus, Neptune, etc).

There are hundreds of asteroids and as more interest in them grows we have the opportunity to create a more inclusive astrological story.

Many astrologers draw up interpretations and apply them to modern-day life from the archetypes and mythologies that surround the name of the planet. The power in the name can alter and change our perspective and these energies have been carried more or less into modern interpretations in astrology.

For example, Pluto named for the God of the Underworld, is interpreted as representing themes such as: personal shadows, slow difficult changes, death in life, power and control issues, crisis and evolution, and intense/transformative life events.

In turn, Pluto as the ruling planet of Scorpio has also lead to Scorpio often being thought of as the bearer of these themes in many modern-day interpretations of the sign. I think it is important to note how the Name of the planet does wield some power over our minds when we are developing our interpretations.

The mythos surrounding the Name of the deity or being can give astrologers a deeper perspective into the layers of the personal psychic journey in an individual’s chart.

The complex myth, folklore, and stories around each asteroid is one of the reasons they are able to provide us with so much insight. More is not always better though, so it is important to use your intuition for when to make use of the asteroids and when to leave them out of a reading.

Liliths Circled
Lilith Placements in my chart from How to Find your Lilith Placements: To find the placements of Lilith in your chart go to > extended chart selections > enter your birth chart data> type in the Lilith letters/number in the section titled “Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects.”

The Power of Female Stories

The Lilith myths and placements in the chart are of particular interest to Asteroid astrologers as many asteroids and minor planets carry the names of Powerful female archetypes.

The major planets in our solar system are predominantly named for Greek and Roman male archetypes. Powerful male archetypes of course have a place and are very useful in astrology, however, using female named asteroid stories gives us a more complex color pallet to paint from; assisting us in better accuracy and, not perfect, but more inclusive interpretations.

Since there are hundreds of asteroids to choose from I feel as an astrologer it is valuable to study in-depth several related asteroids and their associated myths in order to pull out the deepest meaning possible.

In addition, from research I have done, it appears that certain asteroids, placements, or myths will be of interest to an individual for a period of time, especially if that is the “theme” of someone’s life for the time being. 

As they grow from that part of their lives a new asteroid’s story will be brought into focus. We can evolve as our personal myths unfold in our actual lives. From what I have observed it seems stories, myths, being, spirits, and deities reveal themselves at opportune moments based on what is currently needed at specific moments in our lives.

Lilith is trickster energy in my opinion; which is evident by the continual controversy her existence in astrology has created and the forever changing viewpoints on her ancient to modern-day status as a Demoness and/or Deity, discovery then “un-discovery” (to be explained further in this article), and the initial excitement of her use by astrologers only to be met with dismissal later on.

Lilith is elusive just as her story of origin is. Her story is shadowy and contains immense grief but also empowerment and truth. Her energy is very powerful and teaches us to use our words wisely and with authority. Below is my personal take on Lilith in her three manifestations in astrology and how I view Lilith in each sign.

Many of my interpretations are Shadow themes, which can be a confronting and challenging for us to look at, but ultimately can lead to greater self-love, personal truth, and acceptance. Working through your own shadows helps you walk other people through theirs. We are always growing, unfolding, and learning. Get a Lilith reading.

Please Note:

The interpretations below are some of the ways Lilith’s shadow aspects can be expressed in each sign. There are many ways to interpret a placement and a complete interpretation integrates other planets, aspects, and placements to uncover the bigger picture. Please use love and personal discretion when embarking on a shadow work journey. This information is not meant to replace medical/professional advice, please seek out those services if needed.

Lilith – The Asteroid (1181 on 

~As Demon Goddess~

To find the placement of this asteroid in your chart type in 1181 on extended chart selection. This is the only physical astronomical body that holds the name Lilith.

In this form I see Lilith as a Demon Goddess as her mythology describes her after she has left Adam in the Garden of Eden and took flight to the shores of the Red Sea. A demon is something without God or El the original name for the Hebrew patriarchal deity.

Lilith made the difficult choice to be sovereign from Adam and from God at the expense of having to murder her demon spawned children everyday. Three angels came to her at this God’s command demanding she return to the Garden of Eden with Adam.

She refused providing her with sovereignty but also the severe consequence of having 100 of her children dying each day. In this aspect Lilith represents where we grieve and difficult choices we have to make.

Protection Bowl

Periods of grief can be both actual and symbolic in life while we will have lost something we are left with a deep sense of longing in what is left behind.

In this case Lilith lost her beautiful home in the garden of Eden and she goes through a grieving process each day in sacrificing her children.

In this form Lilith may channel this grief into some shadowy themes by taking from others; her story details her stealing the seamen from men while they sleep or taking children from their mothers.

Within ancient Hebraic culture protection bowls were created with Lilith’s image in the middle and incantations of protection from her were inscribed around the insides of the bowl. Lilith is thought to cause harm to newborns and their mothers.

I think it is important to not discount any aspect of Lilith and her story, even if parts of her actions are highly unpleasant. We can look at this part of her story through a lens of a grieving person and how Lilith energy can help us understand and work through these difficult aspects of life.

Through overcoming hardships and making choices to be free from dependence on others even when the road is rockier and harder, in the end you will be standing in your own power. As a sovereign who has chosen your own path, directing your own destiny in an attempt to overcome the “fate” side of life.

Keywords: Rebellion, leaving abusive relationships, abortion, infertility, difficult decisions, overcoming struggles, releasing victimhood, owning your actions, speaking your truth, sovereignty, periods of grief and loss, making sacrifices, and choosing to go your own path. 

Mary-El Tarot

Tarot Card: 2 of Swords

Represents Lilith as the Demon Goddess who forces choices upon us. We have limited time in this life and we are often faced with having to go one way or another, back track and back down the road again.

There are some things we have to give up or sacrifice about ourselves along the way which is why I have chosen the Two of Swords for her tarot card in this guise. Sometimes our sovereignty comes at a cost, we experience loss and have to make a difficult decision to go one way or the other.

Making major life choices is not always easy, but Lilith’s shadow is there to help us recognize and integrate what is happening there

Asteroid Lilith (1181) through the Signs: 

Asteroid Lilith in Pisces ♓︎

Asteroid Lilith here expresses her Shadow through victimization. Feeling other people are out to get you, this comes out of insecurity and not being able to view other people outside of their relationship to you. Overcome this by remembering other people exist outside of yourself with their own back stories.

Asteroid Lilith in Aries ♈︎

Asteroid Lilith expresses pain through physical displays of aggression both giving and receiving. Here you lash out when angry and rage out on those who are trying to help you.

Integrate this by not denying your body and spirit the opportunity to express rage, but find a way to experience it to where it will not scare or hurt others. You may be learning to leave an abusive relationship or stop being the abuser yourself.

Asteroid Lilith in Taurus ♉︎

Asteroid Lilith feels very sorry for herself here and that she is down on her luck much like the world is against her. It is my belief that many things that happen to us are out of our control but our response is solely our own.

You choose when to participate, when to feel down and out, and when to take ownership of the choices you make.

Asteroid Lilith in Gemini ♊︎

Asteroid Lilith here knows she has can have power over others and this is expressed in the Shadow form through experimenting with other people’s emotions. Some emotional manipulation is likely and you feed off of others power here.

Integrate this Shadow through treating others how you would like to be treated.

Asteroid Lilith in Cancer ♋︎

Asteroid Lilith has a tendency towards dishonesty in this placement. You may find yourself lying to others and even to yourself, convincing yourself and talking yourself into something that is absolutely jaded.

Integrate this by seeing the reality of a situation but honoring your gift of fantasy through creative outlets.

Asteroid Lilith in Leo ♌︎

Asteroid Lilith here is searching for a lost sense of self-identity. Some shadowy power dynamics may come up where you find yourself central to the plot of everything around you.

Integrate this by exploring your true self and engaging in experiences that are authentic to you and only you.

Asteroid Lilith in Virgo ♍︎

Asteroid Lilith here can lead you to actions that take away other’s people’s peace of mind, excessive worry, and judgement towards others can create environments of fear and stress for those around you.

Integrate this by honoring other people’s opinions and seeing mistakes as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Asteroid Lilith in Libra ♎︎

Asteroid Lilith expresses the shadow self by blaming other people for the actions you have taken. You may not take responsibility for yourself and have a tendency to assert someone else was the driving force behind the pain you caused someone.

Integrate this through owning your own behavior and taking inventory of who will be affected by the decisions you make.

Asteroid Lilith in Scorpio ♏︎

Asteroid Lilith here feels great loss and connection to those who are grieving. An empathic placement your shadow comes out through taking on other people’s pain as your own. You absorb the struggles of other people and feel their journey is your own fight.

Integrate this by identifying when something is your fight or not and recognizing when you are taking on the identity of someone else to make yourself appear deeper and “hardened.” Authenticity is key here.

Asteroid Lilith in Sagittarius ♐︎

Asteroid Lilith expresses a shadow side here of rebellion and freedom to the point of sheer detachment. You separate yourself by strict standards and this may cause some social isolation or judgement towards others who do not fit into your stark social paradigm.

Integrate this by not rebelling just because, find your true reason for joining a social cause. Remember people are deep wells and the surface does not give you everything you need to know about a person.

Asteroid Lilith in Capricorn ♑︎

Asteroid Lilith here expresses the Shadow self through loneliness. You possibly go out of your way to feel alone and self sabotaging yourself so you are alone so you do not have to go through the vulnerability of developing relationships.

Integrate this shadow through finding balance between socializing and alone time, and not sacrificing having social relationships for the fear of rejection.

Asteroid Lilith in Aquarius ♒︎

Asteroid Lilith here suffers from fear of failure if you take a risk. You may find yourself conforming and not developing your own opinions because it is safer to follow the social trajectory set out for you.

This placement is about finding sovereignty. Finding your own path and living it, which may involve some sacrifice to the social order or family peace.

Lilith- Black Moon Lilith (Lunar Apogee)

~As Death Goddess~

Astronomical Lilith is a mathematical point calculated based on the orbit of the Moon as seen from Earth. Lilith is the point in the moon’s elliptical orbit that is the furthest point from the Earth.

There are two points that can be calculated to get the Black Moon one based off of the wobbly ellipse the Moon actually makes around the Earth called “True Lilith” and one based on an average of the Moon’s orbit as if it was smoothly traveling in a perfect ellipse which is called “Mean Lilith.”  BML_thumb[6]This Black Moon is also called the Lunar Apogee, this “point” in spaces takes 8 years

Lilith Glyph

and 10 months to makes its way around the zodiac as the Earth is constantly moving slightly with it. True Lilith is h13 on extended chart selection and Mean Lilith is on the drop down menu on I tend to use True Lilith but I think both can work so choose your Lilith based on your own observations and with what resonates!

In this form Lilith represents the Gate of Initiation, this is active during the Balsamic Moon phase when the sky is darkest just before the New Moon. Powerful magical energy exists here and this is an excellent time in each Lunar cycle to explore the depths of your psyche and engage in Shadow work.

Lilith is asking us to sacrifice and shed off everything that defines us in order to authentically understand our true nature and true divinity. To know our spiritual name and find freedom in the deepest parts of our being.

She represents the psychopomp of the underworld leading us through a symbolic Death as we enter through the gates of the underworld, our own personal shadow lands, in order to emerge on the other side enlightened and full of wisdom about ourselves and our personal journey.

With this energy we are reconciling our base energies with our Higher Self. We may go through many periods of initiation like this throughout our life. Usually characterized by major external life events or internal spiritual crisis/breakthroughs.

Keywords: Psychopomp, Underworld journey, Shadow Work, Difficult Relationships, Periods of Confusion, Death, Transformation, Dream Work, Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Sacrifice, Sexuality, Psychic Gifts, Spiritual Transformation, Spirit Communication. 

Mary-El Tarot

Tarot Card: The High Priestess + Hierophant

As these two cards represent authority figures taking you on a spiritual journey. In both cases you are provided a guide with strict rules and a neutral approach to your human journey.

Both take you to spiritual places one to the psychic and one to the religious. These journey’s can have a profound impact on your life and the path you choose to traverse.B

Black Moon Lilith (h13) through the Signs:

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces ♓︎

The landscape can feel like a dark place at times and with Lilith placed in this area of your chart you feel your struggles are harder than anybody else’s.

You come to know that life is not always rainbows and sunshine and that at times you will have a dark night of the soul experience. You have the potential for deep psychic power and connections to the other side. A profound life experience will bring you to the brink of your spiritual powers and allow you to fully integrate them into your being.

You are naturally adept at reading emotions and providing others with healing energy once you work through the shadows of this placement.

Black Moon Lilith in Aries ♈︎

Lilith here pushes you to question why everything always needs to be so difficult. With an addiction to crisis and intense situations you may find yourself feeling like everything is a dramatic uphill battle.

Working through trauma and processing these intense experiences is essential to your spiritual growth and development. This placement speaks to you as the sacred warrior and your impulse to embrace your powers to initiate others through your leadership abilities.

This placement will help you be a spiritual leader but can go to some shadowing places, it is important to do the work and make sure you know the impact of your role as a leader.

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus ♉︎

Lilith’s shadow in this placement represents your initiation into sexuality. You may have had or are having intense sexual experiences that have led you into a state of spiritual crisis. Here you are on an underworld journey exploring the meaning of sexuality on its deepest levels.

These experiences will most likely play out through your own physical vehicle, your body, bringing you a deeper connection to your physical self and finding the ability to embrace the power of your own sexuality. Experiencing and getting to know your sexuality is of the utmost importance with this placement for healing and to understand self-love.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini ♊︎

Lilith in this placement brings awareness to the passive-aggressive nature of your personality and how you play this out, working through your need for attention, and to learn the ways you go about choosing how to get it.

You may engage in risky behavior for the notoriety with this placement, especially being sexually risky or cheating on your partner(s). Going through the transformative process of shadow work will help you uncover what is the motivation behind your behavior and connects you to the powerful world of symbols which you are naturally adept at working with.

Uncovering your deeper insecurities will help release your need for attention and your addiction to passive-aggressive behavior. A good symbol to work with in this placement is the mirror and mermaid energy.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer ♋︎

This placement is very powerful and feels much like the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna on an underworld journey being lead to her grieving sister Ereshkigal, ruler of the Underworld.

A little known portion of that story is that Inanna made a decision that led to the death of Ereshkigal’s lover/husband. Typically we view this story as Inanna on her own transformative journey but on a deeper level Inanna is journeying to face the person who she caused pain to. Here you are working through a very sensitive nature and feel deeply disturbed by having caused anyone pain.

It is impossible to please everyone all the time and at times decisions and choices you make will lead you to cause pain to others. That is part of the journey as you travel through the underworld knowing this is your path and the way you choose to go with ultimately reward you with what you need in life.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo ♌︎

Your underworld journey is characterized by experiencing difficult relationships with family members, partners, employers, etc. There is a sense that other people are always leading you and directing you and you feel manipulated on many occasions that you did not choose the situation you are in but someone else chose for you.

Sometimes you are the person orchestrating the manipulation. When expressing the shadow side this placement indicates that you draw in energy vampire types of people who want to use and abuse you.

Lilith here has brought you on a journey to self-empowerment which will be characterized by dramatic declarations of freedom and release of the people who have caused you pain or release you from intentionally causing pain to others.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo ♍︎

Lilith in this placement represents extreme devotional practices and self-sacrifice. Deeply religious in nature you may have anxiety that if you do not perform the daily rituals just so that you are throwing off the great cosmic order.

An underlying feeling of fear exists that you are not living up to the staunch expectations you have placed on yourself. You may also have a tendency to then place these expectations on the people in your life. This underworld journey is one of transformation towards self-love and acceptance so you can ease your tensions and anxiety ridden feelings of self-doubt.

Shedding these aspects is important for you and finding a healthy balance between devotion and intuition is important to your healing journey.

Black Moon Lilith in Libra ♎︎

Lilith in this placement gives into the extreme need to appear perfect. On the surface you may appear calm and collected but internally be going through a spiritual crisis. The shadow aspect of this placement is denying yourself the opportunity to feel your emotions and get deeply connected to your psychic gifts.

Not only do you want everything to appear as if it is going smoothly, you actually want everything on all layers to be running beautifully and forget there is any ugliness in life. You may deny to yourself that there are any shadows in life and therefore push away experiences that may seem to deep for you.

Lilith is one way to see where you connect to the underworld. Accepting emotions as a part of life in their vast expression will allow you to provide good counsel and support to people seeking guidance on love and relationships.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio ♏︎

Lilith becomes very possessive in this placement and may bring out some shadowy aspects of jealousy and obsession. You may tend toward having a sense of urgency for something to happen right away and lash out when things do not go as you want. Your underworld journey is deeply transformative and psychic.

A connection to the spiritual realm is very strong and you are open to this. An ability to communicate with spirits or those who have crossed over is likely with this placement; however, the journey to understanding these gifts can be difficult and challenging.

You may be working through severe anxiety or other mental health issues and it can be confusing to parse out fantasy from reality. Finding a supportive teacher/guide is important with this placement.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius ♐︎

The astral realms call to you with this placement and you may find yourself getting addicted to substances that bring you to these places and expanded states of awareness. Lilith in this area of your chart urges you to endlessly search for truth and you may go to great lengths to find it.

Both physical and spiritual journeys characterize your life and you may find it interferes with you ability to build lasting relationships as you are always needing to move on to something new to find the next thing. Just as Lilith left her comfortable home in the Garden of Eden she felt compelled to leave to search out her truth and authenticity.

A very powerful manifesto your words and thoughts hold deep power with this placement. Interest in traversing the astral and outer realms may cause you to put a foot in both worlds. Working through the shadow that life is a balance in both the physical and spiritual world is a part of your journey with this placement.

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn ♑︎

Lilith in this placement represents a shadow aspect of operating from fear. Fear can lead people down some very dark roads and open you up to psychic disturbances. Your psychic channels are very open with this placement and you may express this by being sexually manipulative towards others and using sexuality to get your way.

Lilith is bringing you on an underworld journey to better understand your use of power and control. Learning to embrace who you are and your shadow side will help you better face the reason you operate out of fear and unlock the places of your psyche that will provide you a more fulfilling place to operate from.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius ♒︎

Your words are sharp and deep with this placement. You have the power to express profound thoughts upsetting other people’s world views. Lilith here says things that ring true and therefore can be disturbing to other’s life structure. You are able to point out things no one really wants pointed out with the gift to recognize patterns and cycles in a predictive fashion.

Always a step ahead of everyone else your shadow operates by knowing the game and rigging it in your favor. Your brilliance may be overwhelming and cause you frustration in trying to meet other people where they are at. On your underworld journey Lilith is asking you to shed some layers, open to vulnerability, and place your self on an emotional level.

Lilith- Dark Moon Lilith (h58 Waldemath moon) 

~As Trickster Goddess~

This “moon” has an interesting history of discovery, undiscovery, and is now considered a “hypothetical planet.” A supposed dark shadow the same mass as Earth’s Moon mysteriously zipping around the Earth in 119 days represents the third Lilith in astrology.

Discovered by scientist George Waldemath and tracked over a period of time the discovery later came to be discredited as Waldemath reported the planetary body to have been nothing but a defective dot on the lens of his telescope.

On the contrary other people have claimed to have witnessed this dark Moon pass over the Sun and this Lilith has made its way into astrology, although not used by most astrologers. For those who see Lilith as a Goddess this third Lilith manifestation fits nicely into the “Triple Goddess” paradigm.

For the mysterious nature of this Lilith I feel her operating as trickster energy with humor and hidden meaning, keeping us guessing as to the validity and whereabouts of this mysterious shadow Moon.

This energy is like Neptune combined with Mercury it is quick, spiritual, and hard to pinpoint. Using humor and laughter as medicine in moments of difficulty and change.

In this form Lilith has wings, she uses her words of power to overcome, and she uncovers injustice through trickery. The image I chose here to represent Lilith is deliberate as the being depicted on the relief carving is also up for debate.

440px-Burney_Relief_Babylon_-1800-1750This carving known a the Burney Relief has eluded archeologists and art historians for years.

Who is the figure with clawed feet, wings, and a headdress and ankh which are symbols of a deity? She is flanked by two owls (symbols of the underworld and standing atop two lions, symbols of power.

Art historians originally believed this image to be Lilith.

This theory came about by a misinterpretation of ancient text discovered near this archeological site. This is how Lilith comes to us as trickster energy, for years we have been using this image to depict Lilith “Queen of the Night” it is almost synonymous with her name.

In reality this image could be a relief carving of Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of Heaven, who traversed the underworld. Or the image could be of Ereshkigal the older sister of the Goddess Inanna who rules the underworld in ancient Sumer.

This piece is a mysterious compilation of underworld and goddess themes. Art historians have made arguments for all three figures (Inanna, Lilith, and Ereshkigal) as represented on this relief.

In this way Lilith may have tricked us into venerating her image. In this placement in the chart Lilith moves very quickly just as she did when she uttered the ineffable name of god and flew away from Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Keywords: Trickery, Humor, Self deprecating humor, the fools journey in tarot, crone energy, wisdom, games, fate, highs and lows, confusion, unashamed of power, individuality, personal daemon, helpers along the path, mentors, teachers, Yoda.

Mary-El Tarot

Tarot Card: The Fool or Wheel of Fortune

In this case are good representations of this Lilith energy. Humor in the face of challenge can bring us wisdom.

The Fool card is the beginning and end of the Heroines Journey in the tarot and brings us through the ups and downs of the Wheel of Fortune.

I feel there is a “fate” flavor to this imagery as the planetary body provides us with the wisdom to see ourselves through a new lens.

Waldemath Moon (h58 on extended chart selection) Through the Signs: At this time I do not have interpretations for the Dark Moon Lilith but I will be tracking her whereabouts and seeing how this plays out in individual charts and current transits. But I would be interested to know how trickster or crone energy has manifested for you in relation to its placement in your chart. Leave your comments below!

Lilith Magical Correspondences 

In conclusion I have compiled a list of magical correspondences for Lilith found through my research, personal interpretations, and experiences.

Mary-El Tarot


Screech Owls, Night, Sexual Dreams, Sleep Paralysis, Underworld, Defiance, Liberation, Power, Wings, Sovereignty, Loss of something precious, Death, Promises & Agreements, Blood, Protection, Trickery, Shadow(s), Animal Nature, Long or Wild Hair, Flight, Demons, Humor, Shadows, Crone.

Flower: Lily

Incense/Oil: Frankincense

Tree: Willow

Crystal: Emerald

Animal: Eagle, Snake, Owl

Element: Air/Fire

Magic: Words of Power

Temple: Deserts, Caves, Islands, Shorelines, Underworld, Liminal Spaces



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