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Approaching the Full Moon in Scorpio

As we wrap up the month of April a ghostly Full Moon will be taking place in the sign of Scorpio on Sunday the 29th at 1758 PST. With so much happening in the astrological sky it hardly feels that this Full Moon is front and center but something tells me that Scorpio themes are requesting our attention right now. art-back-view-black-573294So much emphasis has been placed on some major transits happening in the Cardinal signs; such as Chiron moving into Aries and the tense meet up of Mars with Pluto in Capricorn our attention has no doubt been pushed out of balance.

There is something mysterious about this upcoming Full Moon that will take some deep psychic work to uncover. In reviewing the chart of the Full Moon something very significant jumped out at me. Saturn in Capricorn is also sitting at 9 degrees, the same degree as the Full Moon happening on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Nine is an esoterically significant number that represents the completion of a cycle but can also represent the hermit and a turning inward.

Our message for this full moon is to remember the shadow side. Taurus represents abundance new life, spring, fertility, and growth cycles. Scorpio represents death, decay, and transition cycles. These two signs weave together to provide us with a symbolic representation of what is needed for life. We need to breathe air in and out. afterglow-art-backlit-556669

Saturn at 9 degrees is making a sextile to the Moon in Scorpio and a trine to the Sun in Taurus. I feel that Saturn is casting a shadow over this Full Moon phase. Reminding us that when we approach the work of finding release within the tension of our human existence we also need to remember that not everything is going to come easy. Not every situation will provide us with a clear answer or with a brightly lit path in front of us. This approach may seem shadowy but the energy of the sign of Scorpio cautions us to see all sides of a situation not just the side we want to see. There is always more depth to be discovered and new layers to uncover.
Our sub-conscious selves are begging for some attention from us. We need to remove our rose-colored glasses and realize that every calculated decision we make will have consequences both for the better and maybe not so much. anatomy-biology-eye-8588As Scorpio and Taurus are of the zodiac’s fixed modality, meaning they operate with a relentless tenacity, we may be more focused on the power dynamics we create in our life during this time. This magical Moon holds enormous potential to really sit with this energy. To feel the full expression of what it means to put yourself on the conveyor belt and go through a continual process of symbolic death and regeneration. This Full Moon does not represent freedom but instead is asking us to sit with out bonds. To review the commitments we have made and honestly consider why we have made them. In many cases you have free will to leave those bonds behind if you so choose. What has happened cannot be undone but you can always change course now. 

Authentic and raw, this Scorpio Full Moon is an excellent time for deep meditation and self-reflection. animal-avian-beak-349758Scrying is also very powerful during this Moon’s energy. Approach this Full Moon with reverence and awe at the incredible strength we hold as humans beings. The tension we possess as humans lends us incredible power to create and push the boundaries of what is possible. Sit with yourself during this Scorpio Full Moon in pure respect for this chance at existence. Spell work and ritual can be extraordinarily powerful, but remember Saturn wants us to really work for it this time.

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