Your Psyche’s Insights: May 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

May 2018 Monthly Horoscopes 

Read for your Sun sign or rising sign. To figure out your rising sign (the zodiac sign on the horizon at the time of your birth) go to to generate your birth chart.

Pisces ♓︎

This month is all about bringing into manifestation your dreams and fantasy worlds. Spending so much of your time in deep and emotional day dreaming, an emphasis on Earth signs in the sky is urging you to get to work and bring your ideas into the physical reality. The Earth element is the plane in which we can see our thoughts, feelings,  and motivations take physical form. You are taking responsibility for building up our world, for creating connections with others in your community, and sharing your intuitive gifts with others. 

Aries ♈︎

Chiron, the planet that represents healing, magic, and astrology, has just moved into your sign. This slow-moving planet body moving into your sign represents a deep opportunity for healing and integration of all parts of yourself. The beginning of this transit is very meaningful as this will set the tone for how Chiron’s lessons will play out for you. Are you willing to go deeper into yourself and discover the alchemy that needs to take place to feel whole and complete? This transit will bring profound changes in your life, this is just the beginning. 

Taurus ♉︎

The Sun is in your sign for the first half of this month, bringing your attention to consciousness raising and enlightenment. One aspect that makes you unique is that psychic information is run through your physical body. You are more perceptive to intuitive information when you are in tune with your body. Some things to pay attention to this month are how you receive psychic hits. Do you get chills? A feeling in your stomach? Or tingles to certain parts of your body? This is valuable information for you in order to hone your psychic skills. Start taking an inventory of what each physical sensation means to develop your psychic accuracy!

Gemini ♊︎

Venus entered your sign late last month, giving you even more points in the social effectiveness category. With a more subdued expression of your personal identity this month you will have an overall theme of something riding beneath the surface. Drawn in and attracted to your mind, other people with be intrigued with the vibe you are putting off. You may experience a rough patch this month exploring the deeper parts of your shadow and psyche. This is a good month for shadow work and deep spiritual exploration!

Cancer ♋︎

You feel more connected with global issues this month and have the distinct need to take care of the needs of others. You know what makes you feel comfortable and you want to extend that courtesy to the people around you. A deep sensitivity to collective pain and trauma is likely and you may confuse other people’s issues as your own. Check in with yourself to differentiate your emotions from those of others. Your connection to the natural world is stronger right now and your sensitivity to the planet is forefront.

Leo ♌︎

This month will be characterized by a desire to dedicate yourself to your path. As a sign known for your fearlessness coupled with a drive to achieve, right now you will surely feel unstoppable. Laying a strong foundation is important and putting hard work and dedication into deepening your spiritual experiences is the focus. When you decide on something you really stick with it. Now is a time for deep contemplation and devotion for sensing your way through the dark forest. 

Virgo ♍︎

Your quest for truth continues this month as you take a more expanded view of the world around you. Spiritually you are very connected to the natural environment and are taking a close look at how interrelated everything is around you. On a psychic level you are picking up on the restlessness of the people in your environment. You have the sense that a huge change is around the corner and the feeling of anticipation casts a shadow over your outlook this month. Be open to what may come up, on a soul level you are being asked to remain open and malleable. 

Libra ♎︎

The higher realms or dimensions are trying to tune in with you at this time. Spirit guides, angels, or other mentoring beings are present now to guide you through this next month. There will be a focus on the deeper meanings of the universe, which is asking you to take a close and discriminating look at the people you spend your time with. The influences around you help inform your worldview so choose how you approach your environment wisely. On a psychic level you are very in tune with your intuition this month and your gut feelings will be on point. Check in with your higher self if you need a sign to be sure. 

Scorpio ♏︎

The spiritual side of your relationships will be a focus this month and a desire to connect on a deeper level with your partner may surface. You long for transcendental experiences with the people you are closest with and you feel strangely open this month to new experiences. Budding friendships and partnerships are likely as you find yourself connecting with people on the deep levels you crave. People with similar spiritual and psychic interests may enter your life right now and motivate you on your path. Push hard not to stagnate, movement is necessary for you right now.

Sagittarius ♐︎

You feel particularly detached from the world around you at the moment and may have a tendency to detach from the goings on of the people in your life. This month is a period of re-evaluation and time to take inventory of your stocks. You need more time than usual to charge your spiritual batteries. Taking long pauses and maybe days off from spiritual work can feel very liberating right now as you figure out what your next move will be. Keep it light as there are some very heavy energies in the sky right now and you will want to make sure your psychic defenses are well prepared to handle anything life throws at you!

Capricorn ♑︎

Current planetary transits are for sure having an impact on your energy. You see that at this time you may be going through intense periods of highs and lows as you try to wade through the muck of what is before you. Major spiritual and creative breakthroughs are possible right now. You have worked incredibly hard over the past few months and given your psyche time to take in all the new cosmic energy that is being funneled into this moment. Hard work and dedication do pay off. The Sun in Taurus is asking you to maintain your stamina because your race is not over yet. 

Aquarius ♒︎

A deep appreciation for some alone time is likely right now. You crave taking space to sit with yourself and contemplate your spiritual path. With all of the intense astrological energy floating around you feel a retreat is what is best for you at this time. Taking into account that most everything will be there when you get back you make the conscious choice to take a much-needed break. The people in your life will understand that you want to take it slow right now. Don’t rush into anything before you have had a chance to view every angle of the situation.

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