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What Will Uranus Moving into Taurus Look Like for Me as a Taurus Rising?

lightning-sky-storm-53459Uranus makes its way around the zodiacal wheel approximately once every 84 years spending long periods of time in each sign over our lifetimes. This planet associated with “upheaval” can also be viewed in spiritual terms; breakthroughs, breakdowns, and radical life changes. When you feel like you have been split open by the universe it is interesting to see where Uranus has been activating energy in your natal chart. 

Uranus is finally making a move out of headstrong Aries into indulgence loving Taurus. Taurus is my rising sign at 20 degrees so I am preparing for how this transit will impact my self-expression and life path. The rising sign is associated with one’s life path and how you show up in the world; the ruling planet of your rising sign is also the overall ruling planet of your natal chart. colorful-colourful-outdoors-830829To find out your rising sign I suggest using AstroDienst website. My chart ruling planet is Venus, which is located in Aquarius in the 10th house. The modern ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus oddly enough! For me personally I am keeping a close eye on these two fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius getting a shake up by the planet of rebellion Uranus.

In Liz Greene’s book Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet she describes Uranus as the “ideas which support the fabric of the universe” (p. 43). It is interesting to note the association with archetypes and symbols which become manifest through Saturn in the physical reality. The zodiac sign of Taurus is associated with the manifested reality and our enjoyment of it through Venus. Our bodies, our belongings, and the planet Earth all are symbolized in the sign of the Bull.

Tauruus themedTaurus energy is experienced through the tactile and sensual world. Psychic information also travels through the body of a Taurus (Read more about how I feel psychic information travels here). As a Taurus Rising I relate to this on both a spiritual and physical level. I place value on my relationship with the physical world and the Venusian themed parts of human existence. From the beautiful feeling of holding a quartz crystal to the comfortable fabric I require of my clothing; for me everything in the world is a tangible and tactile experience. Spiritual experiences are felt in my body. Psychic information is a physical process for me happening in an alternate plane of existence. My empathic and intuitive abilities are actual sensations in my body. This is how I have come to build a working relationship with my psychic self. Uranus moving through this part of my chart may increase sudden insights and highlight my psychic experiences more closely.

As a Taurus rising there are aspects of my identity I would like to change but fail to out of  fear, Saturn dominates parts of my reality and the paralyzing effect of the “what if’s” at times can stop be from making moves. clouds-heaven-outdoors-479821With empowerment and knowledge this transit can provide assistance in breaking through where needed and feel less like fate taking over my life. Uranus often has a flavor of fate to it as it has potential to mirror moments of our lives that seem like a tornado ripped through it and forced us to make radical changes. Think the Wheel of Fortune and The Tower cards from the tarot.

Uranus moving into Taurus in May 2018 could very well represent a sudden shift or a breakthrough of the collective’s underlying archetypes. The symbolic representations that create the tangible world of taste, touch, security, and sensuality are vulnerable to change at this time. Taurus LeavesOur relationship with others, sex, and pleasure (Venus themes) and how we view stability within our relationships may go through some profound changes during this time. Unlike the slow evolution that Pluto represents Uranian energy is lightning fast and brilliantly illuminating. The paradox with this transit is that Uranus is moving through the sign of the zodiac that enjoys slow movement and values stability and security. The combination of this energy is mismatched. It will be interesting to watch people who’s charts are heavy in Taurus energy and the changes they may embark on over the next 7 years as we watch this transit unfold and manifest in individual’s lives.

Eath UranusIt is really not possible and never perfectly accurate to “predict” what a transit will look like but it is possible to intuit how it may color a certain time in one’s life. With my rising sign quite a while away from the exact conjunction of Uranus I feel I have some time to prepare, however, knowing Uranus there will be nothing that can ultimately be able to prepare me for life’s upheavals. Forcing me to live in the moment in the here and now. When we strip away all of the “things” we have and we are left with our authentic and raw self are we okay with it? How do we create our identities? Without our people, our belongings, our stories are we still us? For Taurus risings this is going to be a profound shift. Major shifts and an opening up of our authentic selves may be the overlying theme of this 7 year transit. Uranus is individualistic, radical, and liberated from the confines of the material plane and it is going through the sign that may be most in touch with our connection to the physical world. 

FlowersAs a Taurus rising how do you think you will experience this shift and if you are not a Taurus rising look to your chart to see what house Taurus lies in and what planets occupy this sign to know where libration can occur? Where will you be seemingly forced to find freedom? Ultimately a shift in identity is likely for the Taurus rising; a complete change in appearance is one way this transit can manifest but also change is likely on a deeply spiritual level as well. This transit is likely to bring a sense of urgency we can’t quite shake and a new view of ourselves in our role on this planet. When we come out on the other side out of the seeming catastrophe that this transit may be we will have a  better sense of our authentic selves. The spiritual initiation that this transit represents may bring us through an identity crisis where we are more prepared to face the wild unknown as we carry ourselves into the future. 


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