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Approaching the Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018

The Full Moon in Aquarius will take place on July 27th 2018 accompanied by a total Lunar Eclipse. As we work to balance the energy of Aquarius with its opposite sign Leo we are bringing awareness to our relationship between personal identity versus group identity. 

Full Moon

This Full Moon in Aquarius is representative of how we relate to our own view of the world in which we live. At times we are called to follow the crowd, to act in solidarity with others, yet at other times we are called to act alone; sometimes in complete opposition to what is considered “normal.”

During the Full Moon in Aquarius we are being called to look at the nature of your own point of view and perspective. How does your belief system define you? Ask yourself this, “is it possible to change my mind or are my beliefs fixed?” 

If you feel completely set in your ways consider how many perspectives, beliefs, and view points exist in this world; there are as many as there are people on this planet.

As you play with the dichotomy between Leo, symbolic of self-identity, and Aquarius, symbolic of group identity, you are able to develop a deeper sense of total self-awareness. In the end, we know that some of our ideas and beliefs are shaped by our upbringing while many we learn along the way. How have we allowed other people to define our perspective?

Full Moon in Aquarius July

The Full Moon in Aquarius is taking radical look into this aspect of our identity. Embrace the ways in which you are unique but also embrace the ways in which you are the same. Human emotions such as love, fear, and belonging play a large role in many people’s spiritual experiences and search for meaning in life.

On a spiritual level we are searching for a balance between our desire to be unique but also our desire to belong. Taken a step further this can be likened to the evolutionary astrology concept that deals with the desire to merge with the divine yet consistently separate from the divine. This creates a necessary tension as we continue to learn and grow on our spiritual journeys.

During this Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse consider these themes and how you fit in as an individual into the broader scheme of life. You are a beautiful soul on a one of a kind journey. Your life path is absolutely unique, yet you have the opportunity to share, relate, and belong to this world you exist within. You are enough. Follow the Aquarius lesson of absolute freedom, give yourself the permission to make your journey rebellious and radical.

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