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How Does Astrology Work? An Intuitive Approach From A Mystical Perspective

How does astrology work? Journey with me as I theoretically attempt to answer an impossible question…

How Does Astrology Work: Mysticism

Your Perspective

Many aspects of life are put into words or given meaning based on one’s perspective. The position you take on your relationships, family, love, spirituality, and so on are all through your own lens. Reaching a certain level of depolarization is possible, however; you cannot deny that any information, experience, or thought you know about is filtered through your own psyche. How you manage this information is the wild card that, I personally think, makes astrology and other systems that can be used for divination such as tarot and numerology so fascinating and creative.

you cannot deny that any information, experience, or thought that you know about is filtered through your own psyche

Your body,  mind, and spirit are the conduit through which this information is being filtered. At this point in time it is really unknown how many pathways of memory or connection your mind actually creates when taking in information. You may hear something, relate it to something else, all within a split second, never fully realizes the pathway that information took through your mind.

I think of Astrology works in much the same way. There is a map of planets in front of us. Then we as Astrologers are filtering this information based on so many different aspects. It is often hard to trace the exact origin of our interpretation; which is why I view astrology as a somewhat intuitive process.

*scroll to the end for a succinct list on how astrology works in 24 steps*

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So How Does Astrology Work? My Perspective

Keeping in mind my training is based in Western systems of astrology, enhancing my studies with psychological astrology and evolutionary astrology, along with some traditional techniques; I do think it is possible to look at what is functioning behind the chart.

I believe in a spiritual realm, life beyond this one, and energy fields we interact with on an unseen level. This mystical approach informs how I feel astrology works and one of the reasons why I think there are so many various traditions and approaches to astrology.

Regardless if you are the strictest traditionalist; you still have to synthesize the many possibilities when conducting a chart analysis. You still have to interpret, through your own perspective what everything means and tie it all together.

How Astrology Works

Of course some basic meanings exist, but the moment one planet is placed next to another one in the chart, the expression of those planets can be wholly different from their traditional and modern meanings. That is the work of an Astrologer; it is work that is happening outside of books, prescribed meanings, and detailed calculations. I feel that tarot reading operates on much the same principles.

Astrology is an intuitive practice, one in which the Astrologer needs to be perceptive and keep in mind that each individual chart is more than symbols with prescribed meanings. The chart is representative of a real person at the moment of their birth, but not the person themselves. Individual lived experience will always have the final authority. I strongly believe you are the owner of your own fate and your chart can provide further layers of psyche exploration, personal understanding, and validation if you choose to use this tool. 

My personal beliefs when it comes to practicing astrology

  • I believe everyone has a spirit/soul aspect
  • I believe time is relative, cyclical, and linear
  • I believe in psychic and spiritual energy fields
  • I believe Astrology works

We may never know exactly how astrology works. But does it matter? Just like a work of art, there is something beautiful in the creative process; in the experience of just letting the energy flow where it needs to go. Sitting with that energy and allowing yourself to operate within that framework is a very freeing place to be.

As Astrologers, the best we can do is explain what we do know. Chances are we won’t change a skeptics mind anyway…or will we?

How Astrology Works in 24 Steps

  1. A person’s lived experience is the most valuable aspect when interpreting a chart
  2. Astrology is a symbol system
  3. Each astrological symbol has evolved to have multiple meanings
  4. These symbols are put on a circular map divided into 12 sections
  5. The map is calculated from our perspective on Earth
  6. Astrology and Astronomy used to be one system when planetary transits were calculated based on an Earth perspective as opposed to a heliocentric perspective (astronomy)
  7. The symbols used in astrology represent the known planets
  8. The other symbols used in astrology represent the zodiac signs
  9. Zodiac signs are areas of the sky in the system I use (Not actual location of the constellations they are named after)
  10. The planets create a geometric pattern between each other on the circular map
  11. The geometric patterns created are called aspects
  12. Aspects are also seen as astrological symbols representative of particular meanings
  13. Each sign has multiple meanings and categorizations assigned to them
  14. Each of the 12 sections on the chart (or houses) also have meanings assigned to them
  15. Astrologers know or have studied at least some of these various assigned meanings
  16. This will undoubtedly be filtered through their perspective as the learner/astrologer, regardless of the specific tradition they were trained in
  17. Astrologers will then interpret the meaning behind the symbols; more importantly how the energy of each planet, house, sign, aspect, etc. is coming across within the context of the entire chart.
  18. Astrologers also study mythology, history, art, psychology, spirituality, religion, and so on to understand more deeply and widen their breadth of knowledge on each astrological symbol’s meaning.
  19. Given all of this information astrologers are able to draw conclusions on the expressions of these energies in order to apply them to someone’s real life.
  20. They pull all of the information together, and I would argue, intuitively come to the conclusion that most fits each specific astrological chart
  21. I feel planets do not exert power over us in the context of astrology but rather reflects and represents, in some respects, existence and life cycles on Earth
  22. The significance and meaning behind the symbols we use helps illuminate and bring awareness to who we are in a larger context
  23. Astrology is, ultimately, an intuitive interpretation of symbols
  24. A person’s lived experience is the most valuable aspect when interpreting a chart

How Astrology Works: Sacred Geometry

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