Astrology New Moon

New Moon in Leo August 2018

On August 11th 2018 the Sun and Moon meet up in one of my favorite zodiac signs, Leo! People keep asking me: what is going on, everything feels so intense right now? Unpleasant emotions seem to be boiling all around us and I think people are truly wanting some answers.

New Moon in Leo August 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse

Planets in Retrograde

The New Moon and accompanying partial solar eclipse brings you the opportunity to face some of your shadows head on. With so many planets in retrograde there is some very intense internal energy circulating at a deep core level. We currently have Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron in retrograde, which means we have serious work to do on an internal and external level. 

The feelings I am picking up on most at this time is defensiveness. People are going out of their way to defend positions that have very fearful and shadowy undertones. The New Moon in Leo August 2018 is a great time to refocus our power. Calling things out for what they are is essential right now. Do your research and really look behind the curtain to see who is running the show. Forming a well-rounded opinion in our world takes immense discernment, time, and dedication in order to get to the truth; and even then our opinions are still being filtered through our own perspectives and experiences.

New Moon in Leo August 2018 Lilith

Why So Shadowy?

This New Moon in Leo August 2018 seems confrontational. Dig deep into what is pushing your buttons right now. The issues and things you are having intense feelings about are the issues you should be paying close attention to. This is where the great transformational work of Pluto in Capricorn is taking place.

A New Moon is a reset, but with so many planets in retrograde, the reset may not come as quickly as we want. Keep pressing forward. The New Moon in Leo is a dramatic moment. A social shift is taking place if we can back up far enough to recognize it.

There are some major social shadow themes coming to the surface right now. This New Moon in Leo is providing us with a sharp reminder to work on ourselves, so the best parts of us can come forward. With creativity, love, and generosity we can start to shift the conversations.

New Moon in Leo August 2018

Something New

As the New Moon in Leo August 2018 represents new beginnings take that energy and run with it. What can you start? What is something meaningful you can bring into the world and share with others? Your passions, interests, and things that excite you most are what the Leo archetype represents. Be excited for others who are working on creative projects; support people who are standing up for causes that are meant to help, nurture, and include others. 


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