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Keywords List for the New Moon in Aquarius February 2019

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on February 4th 2019. Here are some keywords/phrases we can use to poetically get in touch with this phase of the Lunar cycle…

New Moon in Aquarius Feb 2019

New psychology, open minds, social justice, humanitarian, care for your brother, care for your sister, care for each other, group support, group mentality, clear vision, extraterrestrial  vibes, connecting puzzle pieces, a rational approach, thinking new goals, having new thoughts, practicing mindfulness, and reading thoughts, opening the mind to take in new facts, understanding the greater social impact, crystals for clarity not just adornment, using social media to make a point, space for invention and new technologies, skepticism increases, while realism is enhanced, telepathy is possible, deeper into the mind, reset your mind, creative thoughts, energy awareness, crystal children, artist’s sketches, faeries come out to play, new words to write, science is superior, perspective is broken, quantum physics has answers, waiting to be discovered, spiritual science, information emerging, it can change your mind, new friendships forming, reaching across the aisle, bridges being built, stubborn if no agreement, see this “unique” point of view, and maybe freedom will be found.

New Moon in Aquarius 2019
Chart of the Aquarius New Moon 2019


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