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Keywords for the New Moon in Pisces March 2019

The New Moon in Pisces takes place on March 6th 2019. Here are some keywords/phrases we can use to poetically get in touch with this phase of the Lunar cycle…

Vivid dreams, underworld spaces, meditation, increased emotions, moody, artistic, creative, and sad, psychic openings, seeing auras, crystal love, time with friends, time alone, spiritual cleanse, third-eye power, clairvoyant vision, sleeping prophetess, sacrifice, seeing your dreams, astral spaces, dissolving boundaries, forming new bonds, sacred chanting, new forms of music, new sounds, healing techniques, sensitive souls, empathic vibrations, and energy trolls, extra sleep, time off work, allergies emerge, overpowering lights, the hum of a computer, permeates your insight, animals speak, in a language we understand, the natural world is close at hand, the cycles of time lose structure, new ways of feeling, universal energy, eyes soften, body relaxes, everything slows, down, speech is stalled, emotions overtake us, poetically expressing, the language we speak in, notice the vibes, psychedelic substances, bingeing and excess, new mental health care, and healing depression, everything is heavy, and weightless at the same time, perfect balance, merging through time, something calm, or wild is happening, it cannot be defined

Pisces New Moon 2019
Chart of the New Moon in Pisces 2019


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