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Keywords for the New Moon in Taurus May 2019

The New Moon in Taurus takes place on May 4th 2019. Here are some keywords/phrases we can use to poetically get in touch with this phase of the Lunar cycle…

Sensuous touch, sensuous nature, breathing in love, and breathing out anger, pent-up tension, released through pleasure, eating, indulging, loving oneself, taking a shower, new body sensations, depth of the soul, through mundane awareness, kitchen lore, myth, and folk knowledge, plants, flower essences, perfumes, new notes, gods of the forest, ancient wisdom from trees, laying in the grass, feeling a breeze, warmth from the Sun, the seasonal cycles, wind that whispers, intelligent life, physical science, planet awakens, care for the oceans, the life thats within them, is inside the body, inside each hair, cut by a seashell, blood everywhere, new sacred ceremonies, coming of age, connect your body, to spirit, herbal sage, make tea, drink coffee, sense every sip, casting magic, go on a trip, vibration through romance, new affection, a dove, feeling the energy, stubborn, tenacious, walk a fine line, between each world, one real, and one false, new crafts, new skills, new art, initiation into a cult, putting on layers, in the form of a cloak, burning, crying, feeling all there is, invisible self, still unseen, with no language to speak, so chills on the spine, speak to the psychic, existing in this time

New Moon in Taurus 2019
Chart of the New Moon in Taurus 2019
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