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Pagan Perspectives: The Astrology of the New Moon in Cancer July 2019

The New Moon in Cancer is July 2nd 2019. During this New Moon we are directed towards our inner self and the interconnectedness of being human within the webs of life. The tension of life is in a constant cycle of expansion and contraction. The feeling that something exists beyond the boundaries of space and time keeps you separate but at the same time connects you deeply to the physical space of this planet, your body, your soul.

Astrology is a doorway through which you can intellectually align who you are in reality and in archetype. Finding that spark of your being and feeling its existence within a very human context is what makes the experience of mysticism so appealing. At times astrology seems isolating and separating instead of unifying. What makes us unique, how am I me, how am I myself, so many questions for our individual experience. But what if we looked at it as a way to merge and better understand and feel our connection to this human experience.

We can see how we flow in and out of being within the circles of life, in relationship, and out of relationship. There are times when we are lost and times when we are reaching to discover “what makes me, me.” But what if you are already you. Astrology provides us the tool of the archetypes to better understand the manifested spaces of our being that the soul longs to emerge, build, and grow from. We can bring being into existence. Through the magic of creation we become who we are, then more of who we are; the divine experience of being human.

Web of Life

In many ways our natural self has been forced into separation from the needs and desires of our human bodies, our souls, the cycles of birth, spirituality, love, pain, freedom, life, and death. These are the spaces in which life has the most poignancy, the deepest impact on our psychic being, here in physical space and time.

The archetypes of astrology are gateways and helpers guiding us towards self, towards a deeper realization of who we are in order to make sense of what it means to be human. You may never become the holy, sacred being you envision yourself as, because you already are. Contained within the spirit of your physical body the perfect you already exists, the most beautiful soul is already present, embodied within you. Each moment, each death, each milestone, you are recognizing that you are divinely human. Staying malleable and free in this wonderfully, mysterious, and exciting life.

The New Moon in Cancer is like touching the heart-center within, feeling the sensitivity of our human experience. Life is fragile yet strong and resilient. The zodiac sign of Cancer embodies these ideas and helps us remember that nurture, empathy, and compassion are essential functions of being in relationship with our human selves and others.

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