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How to Locate the Earth in Your Natal Chart + What it Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Earth Sign Description Astrology

The Earth in our natal charts is symbolic of the divine/soul manifest within the body and the physically present aspect of our being. In astrology, the location of the Earth-Gaia in the chart demonstrates how we may manifest the various energies existent in our natal and transiting charts.

Read more about embodied astrology and ‘Mother Earth’ in your chart by clicking here! Please Note: This article will use Earth and Gaia interchangeably. To book an astrology reading please visit my other website Emerald Visions by clicking here.

How do you even find Your Earth Sign!?

Your Earth/Gaia placement is exactly opposite your Sun sign by house and degree. As  you read the Earth sign descriptions below see how you access these particular energies in your life.

Ask yourself if you you tend to intellectualize more than you sense or feel in your physical body? Do you play out these themes through real life situations or maintain a sense of distance from the soul? This information can help you sense how balance and tension play out between your Sun-Earth axis. 

Earth-Gaia Sign Descriptions 

Gaia Sign Descriptions Astrology

⊕ Earth in Aries ♈︎

Aries Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Fire
  • Key-phrase: I Am
  • Symbol: Ram
  • Modality: Cardinal

Warrior, Soldier, Pugilist, Martial Artist, Leader, Sacred Warrior, Teacher, Defender, Knight, Vagabond, Traveler, Alchemist, Pioneer, Explorer, Child, Pirate, Politician, Tutor, Prostitute, Avenger, Adventurer, Wanderer, Lone-Wolf, Comedian, Initiator, Athlete, Performer, Acrobat

About the Earth in Aries

When the Earth is in Aries it means your Sun sign is Libra. You inherently will carry with you the energy of both of these signs. The Libra energy will be reflected at you through an Aries mindset. You may work through relationship tension with urgency and pioneer new ways of loving and relating.

There is a deep sense and desire to understand your identity and get to know your individual gifts, talents, and purpose. You may be physically athletic or enjoy the energy that surrounds sports and competition. There is potential for an internal battle regarding keeping the peace and when to engage in a fight.

The Libra themes of balance and justice often get disrupted through the Aries energy of needing to be first, having a keen sense of urgency, and making sure your survival needs are met.

Relationships are one way in which you are better able to carve out a personal identity in order to understand yourself more deeply. In this way you often find your deeper Self through the experiences of love and relationships, including romantic and non-romantic ones. Who you are, your identity, and sense of self are very powerful tools for you in this life.

⊕ Earth in Taurus ♉︎

Taurus Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Earth
  • Key-phrase: I Have
  • Symbol: Bull
  • Modality: Fixed

Lover, Counselor, Baker, Artist, Builder, Craftsperson, Emperor, Witch, Gardener, Herbalist, Miser, Earth Goddess, Damsel, Princess, Prostitute, Architect, Siren, Femme Fatale, Black Widow, Flirt, Singer, Musician, Enchantress, Sorceress, Poet, Sister

About the Earth in Taurus

When the Earth is in Taurus you are working with double earth energy, as Taurus’ element is also earth. It is equivalent to Mars being in Aries; a fiery planet in a fiery sign. If you are a Scorpio Sun then you have the Earth in Taurus in your chart. This axis creates a dynamic tension between transcendence and immanence.

This means you cycle through deep feelings of connection to your body, mind, and spirit yet at times feel utterly disconnected from the physical world and reality in which you live.

As an Earth in Taurus person you sense the value in stability, sensuality + pleasure, and may often view human life as a purely biologically process and/or have a strictly scientific or secular based viewpoint.

There may be a tendency to explore atheism, existentialism, occultism, and humanism in your quest for an understanding of reality and the divine. Taurus in Earth people are highly connected to this planet, to the energy and pains of the Earth, and therefore may have a keen sense of what this planet, the body, and ultimately humanity need for survival.

⊕ Earth in Gemini ♊︎

Gemini Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Air
  • Key-phrase: I Think
  • Symbol: Twins
  • Modality: Mutable

Bard, Minstrel, Trickster, Comedian, Poet, Narrator, Student, Devotee, Apprentice, Instructor, Thief, Provocateur, Alchemist, Wizard, Lobbyist, Guide, Guru, Advisor, “Right-Hand,” Double-Agent, Scribe, Politician, Nomad, Wanderer, Shape-shifter, Schemer, Flirt, Attorney

About the Earth in Gemini

When the Earth is in Gemini it means your Sun sign is Sagittarius. This axis is working with fire and air. When Gaia is in an air sign this gives you inherent access to in-between realms and liminal spaces. You are more likely to be able to shift your consciousness and explore the boundaries of space and time through the powers of the brain.

This may manifest as an interest in psychedelics, trance work, astral travel, or shamanic journeying. You are a traveler seeking to make changes to this reality through the powers of mind and body.

When the Earth is in Gemini you are grounded in the idea that life has space for change, growth, and information to be exchanged and transmuted on a multidimensional level.

You manifest idealist thoughts and actions through your physical body and in the world by participating in activism, social change, and acts of creation. Your tension lies in recognizing there are many truths in life and you may fluctuate between holding many different ideas throughout your lifetime; even choosing to make major life decisions based on changing ‘isms’ you associate with in the moment. But it is all part of your creative self-expression, so embrace it!

⊕ Earth in Cancer ♋︎

Cancer Info + Archetypes

  • Key-phrase: I Feel
  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: Crab
  • Modality: Cardinal

Mother, Caregiver, Nurse, Priestess, Priest, Politician, Therapist, Psychic, Weaver, Matriarch, Mother Nature, Water Goddess, Artisan, Fairy Godmother, Angel, Chef, Father, Patriarch, Leader, Empress, Protector, Dreamer, Critic, Consort, Advocate, Counselor, Servant, Baker

About the Earth in Cancer

The Earth in Cancer gives the Capricorn Sun someplace soft and comforting to land. There is an intense sensitivity with this placement that allows one to reach into the deep well of the psychic being.

A sense of sympathy and empathy will be very powerfully experienced when the Earth is here. There is a need to care and be cared for. Part of the journey for the Earth in Cancer individual is to embrace being vulnerable by allowing the capable Capricorn energy to be filtered through a space of honest self-awareness; at times this can feel like a very fear-based process.

Facing and approaching obstacles with love, kindness, and forgiveness can be felt in the body by relaxing and letting go of control. There is a sense of tension that is created with this Earth-Sun opposition between emotional release and restraint.

There may be a tendency to feel awkward within your own skin and spiritual work can be done to become more comfortable within your own body/mind. With this placement you are discovering who are from deeper places of self love, nurturing and honoring your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

⊕ Earth in Leo ♌︎

Leo Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Fire
  • Key-phrase: I Will
  • Symbol: Lion
  • Modality: Fixed

Royal, King, Queen, Storyteller, Narrator, Writer, Journalist, Networker, Creator, Deity, Ruler, Lover, Ambassador, Diplomat, Mentor, Leader, Singer, Musician, Seeker, Defender, Law Enforcement, Gambler, Hero, Actor, Communicator, Religious Leader, Teacher, Athlete, Comedian

About the Earth in Leo

The Sun in Aquarius indicates that your Earth placement is in the sign of Leo. A Leo Earth location brings an energy of regal confidence to the physical body and personality. This placement indicates that you are truly adept at manifestation in the physical world, in many ways able to create the reality you wish to see.

With Gaia in Leo you will inherently want to perform your roles to perfection with a wild sense of creativity and power. There is intense passion to be oneself and within the deepest sense of one’s being a rebelliousness that often gets revealed in the physical world through your self-expression.

This placement allows you access to the inner web of creation and destruction along with the god/goddess energy of leading through trend-setting and experimentation of being oneself.

People will be naturally drawn to your ideas, art, and abilities which happen in the literal process of making and creating things in the physical world.

⊕ Earth in Virgo ♍︎

Virgo Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Earth
  • Key-phrase: I Analyze
  • Symbols: The Virgin
  • Modality: Mutable

Mystic, Analyst, Physician, Caregiver, Healer, Wounded Healer, Disciple, Servant, Devotee, Teacher, Instructor, Manager, Con Artist, Knight, Martyr, Nun, Nurse, Witch, Soldier, Vestal Virgin, Victim, Hermit, Purist, Messenger, Courier, Scribe, Engineer, Organizer, Critic, Examiner

About the Earth in Virgo

With a Pisces Sun sign this would indicate your Earth sign is located in Virgo. This placement brings a sense of grounded realism to the nebulous Pisces energy. The vibration of your Sun sign in Pisces and your Earth sign in Virgo can help keep you planted firmly to this planet and to the aspects of life that help you stay rooted.

A great healing ability exists with this placement with natural intuitive skills through knowledge regarding plants, herbs, healing, and medicine. You may be drawn to Earth energies in the form of connecting to the oceans/bodies of water, animals/pets, and nature, holistic ways of being and doing.

A distinct interest in traveling to sacred sites or other personal or mystical expedition types of journeys may appeal to you. This could also come in the form of experimenting with psychedelic plants as earth mentors.

Gaia in Virgo indicates a draw towards teaching. You are able to bring the knowledge you have gained on your spiritual quests to others in the physical world through art, music, workshops, writing, poetry, etc.

Tension may be present between your Pisces Sun and Virgo Earth. Between the need to get things accomplished in time & reality while also having the underlying urge to let yourself live within the in-between spaces of dreams and spirit.

⊕ Earth in Libra ♎︎

Libra Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Air
  • Key-phrase: I Balance
  • Symbols: Scales
  • Modality: Cardinal

Lover, Martyr, Mediator, Ambassador, Judge, Diplomat, Artist, Writer, Actor, Ruler, Leader, Knight, Rescuer, Therapist, Counselor, Healer, Tutor, Companion, Friend, Scientist, Inventor, Politician, Nun, Defender, Victim, Analyst, Critic, Lawyer, Advocate, Attorney, Environmentalist, Peacemaker

About the Earth in Libra

The Earth in Libra indicates that you were born when the Sun was in the sign of Aries. With a Libra Earth sign you are working with the magical energies of earth and air. This placement gives you a deep awareness of how to bring forth an artistic vision into this world.

Often times the art and creations you produce will have a profound effect on your audience. The work you undertake in this life has the potential to be confrontational, which will be a part of your work’s impact. Your job is to reach deep into your soul and sense what the world needs at this time.

A fierce sensitivity is present within you which may lead you to be very guarded when it comes to sharing your feelings, intimacy with others, and opening to moments of vulnerability. A Libra Earth placement indicates tension between wanting to develop yourself from a completely individual perspective; separate from the needs and desires of others while at the same time a deep need is present to open and grow through engaging in meaningful relationships.

You are working to balance these energies. Your physical body can be a vehicle for you to self-express in life through athletics, the arts, clothing design, and other forms of craft or artistic expression. Sun in Aries allows you to bring bold and pioneering energy through your Libra sense of place in the form of making positive change in the world; peacemaking, leadership, and healthy activism.

⊕ Earth in Scorpio ♏︎

Scorpio Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Water
  • Key-phrase: I Desire
  • Symbols: Scorpion
  • Modality: Fixed

Detective, Spy, Vampire, Visionary, Prophet, Rebel, Pirate, Samurai, Witch, Sorceress, Priestess, Journalist, Artist, Thief, Con-Artist, Lawyer, Shaman, Healer, Surgeon, Investigator, Researcher, Psychologist, Wise Women, Spiritual Master, Intuitive, Nurse, Sage, Crone, Destroyer, Dark Goddess, Death Goddess, Anarchist

About the Earth in Scorpio

If you were born when the Sun was in Taurus then you will be a Scorpio Earth sign. The energy of this placement is one of depth, realization, and confrontation with the divine self.

There may be times in life when you feel detached or distanced from aligning with your authentic self. You may find the Scorpio energy manifesting through your physical self in the form of your sexuality, emotional connection to others, and experimentation with boundaries and control.

A tension is created between what and how you share with others and what you decide to keep private. This placement indicates that you may like to work through things on your own and will often choose not to seek the advice of others. A strong sense of self can be developed as you start to trust in the experiences found within your body, mind, and soul.

Earth in Scorpio individuals will sense there is something deeper happening around them. If you wish to do so, you have a powerful ability to tap into these energy currents, the ones that reside deep in your bones. When harnessed and developed through compassion for yourself, these forces can be very healing for yourself and others.

⊕ Earth in Sagittarius ♐︎

Sagittarius Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Fire
  • Key-phrase: I Perceive
  • Symbol: Archer
  • Modality: Mutable

Seeker, Traveler, Adventurer, Spiritual Master, Guru, Guide, Advocate, Lawyer, Political Activist, Revolutionary, Protester, Liberator, Intellectual, Philosopher, Journalist, Messenger, Networker, Visionary, Dreamer, Seer, Teacher, Bard, Storyteller, Shape-Shifter, Pirate, Magician, Wizard, Writer, Reporter

About the Earth in Sagittarius

The Earth in Sagittarius will embody a very changeable and optimistic nature. You will have a tendency to sense in the deeper trends and energy currents of the world around you.

You will have a keen sense of perception regarding information, where the world is going next, and what social changes are taking place, brewing beneath the surface. Often times you will enjoy getting involved in these movements, curious about what your role may be. Compelled to join.

A natural seeker of the truth the tension between your Sun in Gemini sign and Earth in Sagittarius pulls you one way and then another as new information and life experiences are processed. This can lead to a crisis of faith, an internal conflict with personal beliefs, or slipping into having a lack faith in yourself and the world at large.

Your natural tendency to look on the bright side or see things from a different point of view will help you stay grounded when things start dissolving during your spiritual or life transformations. Expand into who you really are, and continually grow through your real world and life experiences. Don’t be afraid to travel far.

⊕ Earth in Capricorn ♑︎

Capricorn Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Earth
  • Key-phrase: I Use
  • Symbol: Sea-Goat
  • Modality: Cardinal

Emperor, King, Ruler, Priest, Caregiver, Parent, Father, Patriarch, Schemer, Soldier, Samaritan, Miser, Sculptor, Architect, Builder, Preacher, Occultist, Healer, Counselor, Scientist, Legislator, Teacher, Professor, Writer, Comedian, Witch, Alchemist, Magician, Earth God, Death Gods

About the Earth in Capricorn

If your Sun sign is Cancer than you have a Capricorn Earth sign. Capricorn energy is strongly rooted to this planet and the vibrational tones of the Earth. This placement can help ground your often strongly held emotions and beliefs.

You have an opportunity to experience an embodiment of your senses and feelings on a deeply emotional level. Understanding your life’s path may feel confused and at times contradictory.

The desire to be settled, practical, and grounded is very strong in you. There may be an internal conflict between wanting to be self-sufficient in contrast with seeking support and approval from others. This may at times lead you to make decisions that arise from a struggle between your heart’s desires and practical needs.

Earth in Capricorn people are searching for their authenticity and pushing forward by making often difficult life choices that allow for the spirit within the body to grow and evolve. With this placement you are working to strengthen love and compassion for yourself and others. Graciousness.

You may have healing abilities, knowing what the body needs for best health, physically and energetically. Tension may be held in the body between your Capricorn tendency to put excessive amounts of pressure on yourself in comparison with a need to release, let your emotions be fully expressed, honored in a nurturing of all aspects of self. Moving beyond self-repression.

⊕ Earth in Aquarius ♒︎

Aquarius Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Air
  • Key-phrase: I Know
  • Symbol: Water-Bearer
  • Modality: Fixed

Rebel, Revolutionary, Visionary, Inventor, Dreamer, Prophet, Seer, Hermit, Communicator, Journalist, Professor, Teacher, Trickster, Political Protester, Writer, Alchemist, Wizard, Advocate, Friend, Scientist, Counselor, Judge, Artist, Explorer, Innovator, Samaritan, Liberator, Anarchist, Political Activist, Engineer

About the Earth in Aquarius

The Earth in Aquarius means you were born when the Sun was in Leo. This placement is symbolized by an embodied sense of knowing or claircognizance. There is great intuition with this placement in understanding the need that others have for self-expression. You recognize individuality, in all its forms, as essential within a collective.

You may desire and make life choices that allow you to connect with people by creating a sense of community. Earth in Aquarius indicates leadership qualities in the form of bringing people together, establishing a unified group under a shared belief system.

With this placement you are bringing the Aquarian dream into the physical world through manifestation of togetherness, relationship, and recognition/honoring of each person’s individualism. You have a keen sense of other people’s gifts and talents, in addition to being able to give attention to your own development of talents and abilities.

On a deep soul level, the spirit within your body, wants to experience connections that allow for originality and uniqueness, while also being able to establish group togetherness from love, humanness, and a vision for the greater good. This is the sign of the humanitarian.

Earth in Aquarius indicates an ability to tap into the deepest layers of spirituality that exists on this planet. To understand life from both an intellectual and divinely inspired perspective as being interconnected and seeing people as complimentary to each other rather than in constant contrast to each other.

⊕ Earth in Pisces ♓︎

Pisces Info + Archetypes

  • Element: Water
  • Key-phrase: I Believe
  • Symbol: Fish
  • Modality: Mutable

Messiah, Redeemer, Mystic, Renunciate, Healer, Wounded Healer, Nurse, Nomad, Artist, Poet, Samaritan, Seeker, Wanderer, Dreamer, Prophet, Psychic, Martyr, Lover, Savior, Minister, Rabbi, Priestess, Caregiver, Wise Woman, Visionary, Musician, Seer, Religious Leader

About the Earth in Pisces

If your Sun sign is in Virgo then your Earth sign is Pisces. You will be working with the Virgo-Pisces axis reflecting the archetype of Virgo through a Pisces perspective. When the Earth falls in Pisces you will have a dream like or idealist quality about you.

An internal conflict will exist between what is reality and what is fantasy. The need to be realistic, grounded, and pragmatic may dominate your Pisces desire to experience the world from a more sensing and spiritual space. You are able to merge with the psychology of others, knowing who people are on a soul level as you are plugged into the spiritual energy of those around you.

A deep inner sense of emotional connection and need to merge with the universe, all of existence, or divinity is present beneath your organized Virgo exterior. At times you may get into helping roles that end up causing you to give more of yourself than you are able to.

Self-care and self-love are important aspects to creating a healthy relationship with self. Spiritual gifts may be present within you including hypnosis, latent psychic abilities, and medical intuition.

Final Thoughts

The Earth can help illuminate how we relate to the physical world, such as nature, the body, and reality. In addition to other factors in the chart, such as the 6th & 10th houses + Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign, the Earth can speak to major career transitions and decisions.

Our Earth placement allows us insight into the energy of the opposition and the inherent multifaceted nature of our unique spirit and personality. Major aspects and transits to the Earth are also mirrored and reflected in the Sun sign, making this axis vitally important to understanding ourselves within the greater scheme of life and reality.

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