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Embodied Astrology: Gaia in your Natal Chart

Did you know that in addition to the Sun, Moon, and other planets the planet Earth has a proper place in your natal chart? Part of our human experience is to feel grounded to this Earth and to our physical bodies. We can analyze the Earth’s placement in our natal charts as a means of understanding ourselves more deeply. 

Our physical and organic self is embodied intelligence of our divine nature. I first became introduced to the idea of ‘Mother Earth’ in our charts and as a possible ruler of Taurus through the amazing work of Donna Cunningham.  

We are in a relationship with the natural world we live in. It is closest to us and therefore, I believe, has significant astrological symbolism that is yearning to be integrated into the systems of astrology.

In order to understand the complexity of the soul we have to feel the embodiment of it, weaved within our physical experiences here on Earth. We are capable of going beyond an intellectual and/or psychological study of self; we can dig into the grounded and very real space of being human.

Astrological Glyph for the Earth: 

The Opposition: How to Find Gaia in Your Natal Chart!

The Earth is always located exactly opposite your Sun sign by house and degree. The opposition is when planets, signs, and/or houses are 180 degrees from each other. This aspect is symbolic of tension suspended between two opposite sides, ideas, or themes.

Each zodiac sign and house is working within the energy of this tension. You cannot have one without the other. We see and grow through our relationships with others. For example, during a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in an exact opposition to one another, creating a confronting and powerful energy between two sides. 

With the opposition the key is finding the balance between all sides and allowing each side time to shine, grow, and be nourished. We can pull the resplendent energy of the Sun into our earthly body, through the magic of manifestation into the physical world. We can be our Earth sign.

Oppositions in Astrology:

Zodiac Signs Houses
Aries-Libra 1st-7th
Taurus-Scorpio 2nd-8th
Gemini-Sagittarius 3rd-9th
Cancer-Capricorn 4th-10th
Leo-Aquarius 5th-11th
Virgo-Pisces 6th-12th

Gaia Zodiac Signs Perspective

The Earth Sign: My Perspective 

We spend so much time in understanding our beautiful and radiant Sun sign identities it can be very easy to forget about the embodied Earth beings we are. Recognition and study of the Earth in your chart is one portal into understanding yourself from an Earth-centered perspective.

The Sun represents your divine spirit and your Earth sign is symbolic of the manifestation of that sacred energy in the form of your psychic being+physical self. Often times the Earth can be interpreted and/or felt as Mother or Goddess energy. 

Incorporating the Earth into astrology and developing this content is something I am very passionate about. Thank you for reading and going on this journey with me as we honor the planetary home we live on through the study of astrology. 

Elemental Confusion + Call for Your Ideas!

It can be easy to confuse the planet Earth with the grouping of signs by element in astrology; air, fire, water, and earth. Some ways to work around this are to call the Earth by another name.

One option, keeping in line with Western astrology’s Greek/Roman naming system could be Terra (the Roman goddess of the Earth) or Gaia (the Greek goddess of the Earth).

Of course there are many many possibilities for Earth Goddess names that could be used in order to add to the richness and ever evolving content in astrology. If you have an idea on this, I would love to hear it! Please leave your comments below.

For now I am trying out Gaia to see how it feels energetically. I am guessing there is already an asteroid that uses this name though; possibly creating a similar effect to the multiple Lilith’s in the astrological sky. If you are interested in knowing more about Lilith’s various placements in your chart you can read about it by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

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