Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 2019
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 2019: Confronting the Past & Family Dynamics

Here is what you need to know for this month's Full Moon! The 16th marks the Full Moon in Capricorn July 2019 and a partial Lunar Eclipse.

Here is what you need to know for this month’s Full Moon! The 16th marks the Full Moon in Capricorn July 2019 and a partial Lunar Eclipse. This is a time of powerful universal energy allowing us to confront issues from the past. With Saturn, Pluto, and the South node all hanging out nearby the Moon in the sign of the Sea Goat we are reminded of the events in our lives that have shaped who we are in this present moment.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 2019
Full Moon in Capricorn July 16th 2019

Confronting things from the past with clarity can be challenging. As humans we are emotionally charged and the feelings we have around an event along with the nature of the event will have an impact on how that memory is stored in the brain.

During this Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn it may be helpful to approach your discussions, emotional responses, and recollection of memories through the eyes of your Inner Child archetype. This can help you understand events from an innocent and fresh perspective in order to gain new insight into how events have played out over time.

Some Astrology on Family Dynamics

Family dynamics and traditions are especially highlighted during this time as the Sun, North Node, and Venus are in Cancer reflecting energy towards the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn. Saturn is symbolic of Father Time, life’s limitations/cycles, and lessons learned along the way.

Our family, chosen or blood related, is the place in life that has a lasting impact from birth, childhood, and beyond. In my opinion, our upbringing and the way these events have shaped and structured our personal worldview are an undeniable aspect of our reality.

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The depth of impact will vary and the Capricorn structuring will of course be different person to person. But your ancestry has shaped the past that has led to you and your existence in this world. In this way you are intertwined with the past and all that it has meant for your relatives. You are currently shaping your own world and having an impact on your family, children, and relatives in the same way.

Capricorn is also associated with the 10th house on the zodiacal wheel which is symbolic of one’s career and legacy. What legacies are you creating in the world? What legacy (also associated with the 8th house of inheritance) has been left for you by those who came before? The Full Moon in Capricorn reminds us that things come full circle in order to give us the opportunity to be repair, rebuild, and reframe our understanding of the past.

A List of What to Expect during the Full Moon in Capricorn July 2019

  1. People and memories from the past resurfacing or re-entering life
  2. Events coming full-circle
  3. Emotionally letting go of fear
  4. Power + control dynamics playing out in family relationships
  5. Deep, powerful, and transformative interactions with relatives, parents, mothers, & fathers
  6. Increased feelings of interconnection to homelands, ancestry, and traditions
  7. Family secrets and legacies becoming unearthed
  8. Accepting what has already transpired; past wrongs, hurts, or pains caused or inflicted
  9. Releasing pressure placed on ourselves to be perfect
  10. Increase in compassion for others
  11. Reality checking, practical and pragmatic decision making
  12. Seeing the past from a place of wisdom, understanding, and love

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