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Why I Question My Belief in Past Lives

Past Life Theory - Astrology

Past lives are a very interesting topic and I think I am ready to expand on my current personal and changing views here. The belief in past lives is a huge topic, found in many major religions and various contexts.

I am going to be writing about past lives in the context of the New Age. My goal is to share my journey on how I once believed past lives, used this belief in client readings, and how my views have ultimately shifted.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is just my perspective. I do not claim to be a spiritual authority or expert. My views may be completely different than yours and I am only speaking based on my own personal experiences and beliefs. 

Ancestral Memories

Some Background

Some of my earliest influences in astrology were from Evolutionary Astrology put forth by Jeffery Wolf Green and Steven Forrest. I love the focus on Pluto, the Nodes of the Moon, and the evolving nature of the soul across space and time.

I read many books, took some courses, and explored past life stories in the chart. There were client readings I did early on where I even incorporated these past life story techniques, but something always felt a little off for me when doing this.

There came a point when this energy really started to clash with my own personal and evolving views of past lives. Shortly after coming to the conclusion to discontinue the reading of past life signatures in the chart I attended my first astrology conference.

At this conference I went to a workshop taught Mark Jones. His lectures deeply resonated with me at the time in my astrology career and helped validate my own personal conclusions I had recently came to regarding past lives in an astrological context.

It is a very popular belief, especially in the New Age and Evolutionary Astrology circles, to frame the chart around a past life story of trauma, grief, or pain symbolic of how we carry these energies with us life to life in a repetitious cycle of karma and reincarnation.

An interesting thing I had noticed was that when doing readings if I brought up a “past-life” story a similarly themed event had typically happened to the individual in this life. I started sensing that the energy I was picking up on was not a distant past life memory but memories or events from the here and now.

Because we cannot know for sure what actually happens outside of our reality it is hard to definitely say YES past lives are a truth or NO they are not. People do have past-life memories and regressions, people do hypnotism focused specifically on this work, people do believe in the existence of the soul living through many lives.

And I think this can be very helpful and I am sure many people would agree on this point that they have experienced profound healing and meaning by working with past live memories. 

My feeling is that we cannot know for certain even when engaging in out of body or mystical experiences how spirituality and past life memory fits in, maybe as a function of our biology, divinity or a combination of both. Maybe a past life memory is us dipping into the pool of collective unconscious/subconscious memories.

This is why past lives can be a useful tool but not necessarily the end all be all for unlocking our lives, from my perspective. I have even had individuals do psychic past life readings on me and I did find them very informative and interesting.

Collective Subconscious Memories

Where My Thoughts Are Going

I feel there is plenty of material to focus on in this life as it is. Giving this one body, one mind, and one life we have right now our all and complete focus is a profound act of love in my opinion. Letting ourselves feel complete within this one life-cycle can be a deeply healing experience.

If I had to explain how my belief in past lives has evolved I would say it is through a connection with our ancestors, to lands, and to individuals that have lived on this planet through the mysterious energies of space and time. In our blood and in our bones is the evidence that human beings just like us, with similar issues, pains, and hurts, came before us. We are the biological legacy of all of their stories.

I cannot speak to the nature of my spirit lasting for all of eternity because I do not know how this specifically manifests. What I do know is that when we are conceived we become animated within the body with the essence of life.

We then enter into this world at a specific time and place giving us the blueprint of our birth chart! It is evident to me that we all carry a unique sense of being from birth while also embodying additional layers of our ancestral + familial energy and social programming in a multitude of ways as we move through life.

Rethinking Past Lives

How this all fits in with Astrology

The way I see all of this fitting into astrology is by looking at the past through the lens of ancestral memories and lineages. By seeing what has been broken in your family without necessarily taking on the burden of fixing it, especially because you came into this life with innocence and magic.

Allow yourself to zoom out and see all the moments in time and the people in the past that had to come together for you to exist in the here and now. To see the utter miracle of being alive, a physically manifested spark of the divine, is such a gift.

The nature of time is complex, possibly not linear, possibly not cyclical, but we experience time as both depending on the circumstances. Seeing the natal chart in the context of our own life we can view it as a doorway into our past, the future, and the present. It is a symbolic portal into who we are at this moment.

By fully embracing the physical being you are in this lifetime, with the family you have, and the people who come in and out of your life gives you the space to remove the pressure to fix what cannot be changed. What has happened has happened. We can honor the past and explore what has been because we humans in reality often experience time in a linear fashion.

Past lives are part of the magic of the unknown. There is an abyss resting deep at the heart of our being. I believe we cannot fully fathom the true nature of our existence within our human bodies; which is why staying present to this tangible life and working at it from a place of depth, meaning, and wisdom allows us to find peace in the great mystery of being

I am open to discussion! What are your thoughts on past lives, astrology, and the nature of time? Thanks for reading ♡

Want to know more? I love to question the origin of my beliefs, especially when it comes to spiritual or mystical topics. You can read about ‘why I question my belief in astrology’ by clicking here!



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