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Keywords for the New Moon in Leo July 2019

The New Moon in Leo takes place on July 31st 2019. Here are some keywords/phrases we can use to poetically get in touch with this phase of the Lunar cycle…

Passionate, creative, knowing, making, linking ideas, masterpieces, your best performance, sense of being, who you are, magical, intense, strong, telling stories, sensing a theme, cracks in the plot line, make room for new things, breaking the rules, fighting for peace, leading the people, making a speech, interests start growing, seeds planted, self-published, self-made, invented, branded, exterior space, standing up for oneself, champion, winning, sprinting to first base, joy in childhood, sense of innocence, the tarot’s Fool, infinity, magic 8 ball, reading the Runes, masks are put on, while others come off, layers of identity are added, waves of tension increase, need to be, exist, and be seen, appreciated, loved, well-liked, and accepted, praise for your gifts, talents, and wishes, the groundwork for dreams, an idea in the mind, manifested with magic, made true in time.

New Moon in Leo 2019
Chart of the New Moon in Leo 2019
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