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Neptune through the Zodiac Signs △

Neptune in Astrology

When we step into the sacred space of an astrology reading or start to discover our natal charts in depth we enter through our own cosmic portal and begin to unlock something from within. Neptune in the birth chart represents this gateway inside of us and dreams are one way in which Neptune finds expression in our psyche.

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Neptune: The Planet of Dreaming

The magic of astrology is discovering a deeper connection to our own heart-center and recognizing the evolutionary journey of the soul happening in our being. Neptune helps us to be able to step through these doorways of psyche, self, and soul.

Approaching your birth chart is much like dreaming as you are taken to a different facet of self, a new plane of existence or being.  Both dreams and astrology use potent symbols as their languages and place your deepest sense of self and knowing at the center.

Neptune is symbolic of cosmic mysticism, spirituality, psychic energy, and artistic vision. This planet is often met with confusion and represented by blurred boundaries of self and other. Neptune is also the planet of sleep and dreaming.

When we dream we enter into a different phase of consciousness. It is distinct from our waking world. Space is warped, people and things shift in and out of form, and our experience of time is dramatically altered.

Neptune Dreaming Sleep

♆Neptune through the Zodiac Signs

Neptune in Aries ♈︎ 

Neptune in Aries is an artistic mix of passion and drama. These energies together bring out the eccentric in Aries. Combined with the bold confidence and daring nature of Aries, Neptune is expressed through a dynamic exploration of the spiritual. This placement indicates someone who is not afraid to follow their gut, go all in, and fully let themselves get absorbed in intense experiences of consciousness expansion.

Neptune in Taurus ♉︎ 

Neptune in Taurus is a combination of artistry and aesthetics. The energy here brings out a truly visionary craftsmanship. The sensuous, grounded, and experiential nature of Taurus mixed with the spellbinding energy of Neptune gives this placement the potential for bringing the artistic straight into the manifest world. The visual persona of an individual with this placement is constantly unfolding and evolving.

Neptune in Gemini ♊︎ 

Neptune in Gemini is a mix of intelligence and spiritual wisdom. These energies may bring out the psychic nature of a person. The ability to hear, sense, and just know things on a subtle level is present. This placement makes way for personal exploration and a freedom to embrace the nature of the Universe through eccentric experiences of self expression.

Neptune in Cancer ♋︎ 

Neptune in Cancer is a combination of insight and empathy. The emotional wisdom, nurturing nature, and kindness of Cancer mixed with the compassionate energy of Neptune bring out the healer and helper. This placement is very fluid and flows with the realms of the psychic, artistic, and energetic. The vibration is heart centered and can lead to the opening of psychic wounds or intense experiences of vulnerability.

Neptune in Leo ♌︎ 

Neptune in Leo is the maverick and the non-conformist. The creative life-force of Leo combined with the mystic nature of Neptune brings out the bohemian and traveler of both the physical world and the spirit. This placement can motivate one to create pieces of artwork or engage in performance that impacts us on a subtle soul level. The vibration is centered on experiencing the divine creator/destroyer within.

Neptune in Virgo ♍︎ 

Neptune in Virgo is a combination of peacemaker and idealist. The healing, down-to-earth, and analytical nature of Virgo mixed with the spiritual energy of Neptune allows for a unique vision of what is possible. This placement allows for a perspective of depth and is in tune with the energetic fields that surrounds life on this planet. Seeing and sensing auras, crystal energy, and Earth’s vibration is symbolized here.

Neptune in Libra ♎︎ 

Neptune in Libra is a mix of finesse and influence. The artistic, diplomatic, and charismatic nature of Libra combined with the glamour of Neptune creates a perfect storm of fame and prominence. This placement understands people and the ways in which a vision of harmony and beauty needs to be shared with the world. The boundary between self and persona is thin.

Neptune in Scorpio ♏︎ 

Neptune in Scorpio is a mix of psyche and sensitivity. The deep, mysterious, and strong energy of Scorpio combined with the otherworldly nature of Neptune can lead to profound experiences with the supernatural. An openness to the spirit realms and a secretive imagination to get one to these places is present. There is often a love of the occult, witchy, and magical with this placement.

Neptune in Sagittarius ♐︎ 

Neptune in Sagittarius is a mix of uprising and consciousness. The activist spirit of Sagittarius mixed with the transpersonal energy of Neptune sends one on a courageous  journey in search of ultimate truth. This placement is addicted to the transcendental experience. There is a need to understand the nature of the psyche that is experienced through action-oriented self-expression, bold ideals, and philosophical or metaphysical trial and error.

Neptune in Capricorn ♑︎ 

Neptune in Capricorn is a combination of realism and illusion. These energies fuse to create a deep spiritual longing and desire to understand the nature of the divine. The grounded, authoritative, and driven nature of Capricorn mixed with the spiritual nature of Neptune are expressed through introspection and a need to understand the self. There is a tendency to get disoriented in fantasy and utopian ideals.

Neptune in Aquarius ♒︎ 

Neptune in Aquarius is a mix of evolution and the cycles of time. The inventive and unconventional nature of Aquarius mixed with the dreamy nature of Neptune can yield some very interesting results. This placement helps one tune into the spiritual and transpersonal needs of society. These individuals have a gift of discovering creative solutions for the seemingly intangible.

Neptune in Pisces ♓︎ 

Neptune in Pisces is a combination of belief and spirit. There is a strong faith component to this placement and the individual will crave something or someone to believe in. A confused sense of intuition may lead the Neptune in Pisces person down many differing paths in search of the divine. Engaging with vivid or lucid dreams can reveal powerful life lessons. This placement has a sense of grasping for something just out of reach, when finally reached the experience can feel like waking up.

Neptune through the Zodiac Signs

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