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☾The Magic of the Lunar Cycle: Get to Know Your Natal Moon Phase

Natal Moon Phase Astrology

Have you ever wondered what phase the Moon was in on the day you were born? Using astrology we can discover more about the Moon’s energy at the time of our birth as we are all born during a particular phase of the Lunar cycle. Many witches, pagans, and other religions follow the powerful patterns of the Moon for both celebration and ritual.

Aligning with the lunar cycle can help bring awareness to the waning and waxing of energy in the manifest universe. For example, working with the phases of the Moon can help with planting + farming, women’s menstrual cycles, and enhance the timing of ritual or ceremony.

One of the most popular aspects of astrology today is the Lunar cycle. We all seem to tune into the energy of the New + Full Moons, Eclipses, and all the descriptors of Super Blood + Blue Moons. Along with tracking the Moon phase in our daily lives we can also look back at the phase of the Moon at the time of our birth.

Below are descriptions of each phase of the Lunar cycle in your natal chart, but first how to calculate your Moon phase! If you already know your Moon phase you can skip the next section. 

Natal Moon Phase Astrology Full Moon

How to Calculate Your Natal Moon Phase

Calculating the Moon phase can get a little tricky! The first step is knowing the degree and zodiac sign of the Moon and Sun in your natal chart. Once you have this information you are ready to start counting!

To calculate the Moon phase you will need to count the degrees the Moon is in front of or behind the Sun. Starting at your Sun sign location count the number of degrees until you reach the Moon in your natal chart. This number will help determine the Moon phase and corresponds to the following ranges: 

New Moon Phase = 0-45 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

Crescent Moon Phase = 45-90 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

First Quarter Moon Phase = 90-135 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

Gibbous Moon Phase = 135-180 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

Full Moon Phase = Exactly Opposite at 180 to 135 Degrees Behind the Sun

Disseminating Moon Phase = 135-90 Degrees Behind the Sun

Last Quarter Moon Phase = 90-45 Degrees Behind the Sun

Balsamic Moon Phase = 45-0 Degrees Behind the Sun

The next step is figuring out if the Moon is in front of or behind the Sun. If you are counting the degrees from the Sun and you reach 180 degrees or more then this is your clue that the Moon was behind the Sun at the time of your birth. Here is an example and how to calculate…

Say the Moon is at 15 degrees Scorpio and the Sun is at 15 degrees Aquarius. This would be the Last Quarter Moon phase. The Moon is 90 degrees from the Sun, but how do you know it is not the First Quarter Moon phase which also puts the Moon at 90 degrees from the Sun?

If you start counting from the Sun you will get to the Moon at 270 degrees in the circle alerting you to the fact that the Moon was behind the Sun in this case, as the location surpassed 180 degrees.

This next step is important! If your Moon degree is 180 degrees or more then you will need to subtract that number from 360 to get the correct degree range for the Moon phase behind the Sun. 

In this Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Sun case you will next need to subtract 270 degrees from the total 360 degrees to find out what range of degrees you fall into from the list above. For this example you will arrive at 90 degrees. So now that you know the Moon was behind the Sun and 90 degrees away from the Sun yo will know this is the Last Quarter Moon phase and not the First Quarter! 

Here is another example, if the Moon is at 5 degrees Gemini and the Sun is at 2 degree Gemini then you will have been born during the New Moon phase and just a few degrees apart. Both luminaries are in the same sign but an important detail to note is that the Moon is slightly ahead of the Sun, placing you in the New Moon phase and not the Balsamic phase. The Balsamic phase occurs just before the New Moon when the Moon is 45-0 degrees behind the Sun.

Check out my favorite book on this topic, Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess by Demetra George. You can discover more about the Moon by visiting the Planets page or visit the blog monthly for my New and Full Moon musings! Now on to each natal Lunar phase description. 

Natal Moon Phase Descriptions

Natal Moon Phase Meanings

New Moon Phase

0-45 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

 The New Moon phase is unique in that the Sun and Moon are in the exact same zodiac sign. This phase is symbolic of beginnings, seeding, and the planting of ideas. If you were born during this phase you are blessed with the energy of pure potential. You are gifted with presence and able to live in the moment, knowing what it takes to get things started.

The New Moon phase is a very magical time in the lunar cycle for setting intentions. There may be moments in life where you feel you are initiating into something bigger than yourself. New Moon people may find themselves being drawn towards ceremony, ritual, and festivals focused on bringing about change, new energy, and honoring life + death. 

New Moon Lunar Gifts

Seeing the positive, harnessing potential, being in the moment, recognizing talent, perfect timing, psychic vision, clairvoyance, clear focus, starting new projects, catalyst for change, initiating into mysteries and embarking on spiritual journeys. 

Crescent Moon Phase

45-90 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

The Crescent Moon phase is the first inkling of light following the New Moon. The Crescent Moon is transitional energy, significant of a moment of build up right before something is about to happen. With this Moon phase you may often feel you are standing on the precipice of something magical. 

The key with the Crescent Moon phase is to embrace change as it comes. Staying flexible and open to what will be can help you see things through to the end. People born during this Moon phase may be very productive and spontaneous. There could be intense periods of creative exploration, learning, and inventiveness. 

Crescent Moon Lunar Gifts

Seeker of knowledge, learning, and wisdom. Interested in going through transformations and cycles of change. Inner child shines through, creative, passionate, and productive. Immense amounts of energy and very strong intuition. 

First Quarter Moon Phase

90-135 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

The first Quarter Moon, also called the Half-Moon, is when the Sun and Moon are in a square aspect to each other or about 90 degrees apart. This sharp angle creates a dynamic relationship between the Sun and Moon in your chart. The First Quarter Moon creates a driven, movement oriented, and freedom loving individual.

The Half Moon indicates the first tastes of challenge after starting a new project or idea. This phase helps one realize important lessons, planned action versus reaction, and tempering impulsivity. A need to resolve inner conflicts and channel your sense of independence into being a creative self-starter are present with the First Quarter Moon energy. 

First Quarter Moon Lunar Gifts 

Dynamic self-expression, complex emotions, and integrity. Strong gut feelings and claircognizance. Strong leadership abilities, action-oriented, and creatively independent. A desire to be in the action and an active member of society. 

Gibbous Moon Phase

135-180 Degrees Ahead of the Sun

The Gibbous Moon phase is when the light reflected off of the Moon has almost reached fullness. During this Moon phase there is a layer of sensitivity, intuition, and connection with our most primal instincts and drives. The person born with a Gibbous Moon phase will be drawn towards consciousness expansion and broadening one’s worldview through experiential means. 

This phase of the Moon represents a building of energy and the ways we go about creating tension and learning through experience. Creative involvement in one’s family, friendship groups, and society as whole are all aspects highlighting this phase of the Lunar cycle. The Gibbous Moon brings us face to face with ourselves, showing us our ultimate human potential.

Gibbous Moon Lunar Gifts 

Gentle influence + power of persuasion, inner-knowing, ability to trust one’s intuition, in touch with the physical body’s needs and drives, oracle and card reading abilities, nurture with stories. 

Full Moon Phase 

Exactly Opposite: 180 to 135 Degrees Behind the Sun

The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky. This phase of the Moon symbolizes awareness of self and others. Those born when the Moon is Full will have an underlying desire to reach peak experiences and points of culmination. 

This phase of the Lunar cycle usually indicates someone who is very in touch with emotions and instincts. There is often psychic energy and a powerful Lunar vibration in the overall presence of the person. Needing to do something with one’s gifts and talents in the public’s eye will often be a motivating factor for taking action. 

Full Moon Lunar Gifts 

Psychic mind, energizing, very caring, awareness of other’s needs, reaching one’s potential, peak experiences, motivational, in touch with a life purpose. Sharing emotions and feelings. Inspired by goddess + female energies and spiritualities. 

Disseminating Moon Phase 

135-90 Degrees Behind the Sun

As we reach the Disseminating Moon Phase the reflected light of the Moon is starting to decrease. Those born under this phase of the Lunar cycle are starting to incorporate and internalize their wisdom. They are growing in knowledge and understanding, letting it incubate and develop from within.

The Disseminating Moon Phase individuals tend to be very perceptive, intelligent, and insightful. These people can apply what they have learned and open up to new ways of seeing and knowing. This phase is symbolic of sharing ideas, melding with others, and expanding spiritual boundaries. A need to achieve success and see one’s potential fully realized is a driving force behind this Moon Phase.

Disseminating Moon Phase Lunar Gifts 

Knowing wisdom, tapping into storehouses of knowledge, philosophy, and spirit. Heart of the mystic and seeker. Attracted to growth experiences, understanding the nature of time, and engaging in periods of social involvement alternating with periods of hermit like withdrawal. 

Last Quarter Moon Phase 

90-45 Degrees Behind the Sun

The Last Quart Moon phase is when the Moon once again is half in light and half in shadow, mirroring the First Quarter Moon. At this time of the Lunar cycle we are drawn inward and away from the outside world and influences. Individuals born under this phase will take their experiences an a journey through the psyche. 

The internal drives and emotions are very strong, needing to go through transformative processes and reframing. Lessons of letting go, sensing one’s own truth, and shifting perceptions opens one up to this phase of the Lunar cycle. Finding a balance between self and soul are essential aspects to the experience of this phase. 

 Last Quarter Moon Lunar Gifts 

Being attracted to transformative experiences, undergoing soul evolution, psychological and psyche exploration, sense of realism and maturity. Perceptive awareness, knowledge, and intuition about others intentions. Drawing insightful conclusions for healing and wellbeing. 

Balsamic Moon Phase 

 45-0 Degrees Behind the Sun

The Balsamic Moon phase is the final step in the Lunar cycle. This phase is marked by just the smallest sliver of light turning to complete darkness before the upcoming New Moon. Those born under the Balsamic Moon phase are drawing conclusions, bringing things to a close, and deeply in touch with the energetic undercurrents of life on this planet. 

A desire to settle arguments, remove harmful energies, and engage in shadow work are likely with this placement. An interest in occult knowledge and the spiritual mysteries may also be present. The Balsamic Moon Phase helps one integrate all that is and will be in order to prepare for the next Lunar Cycle. 

Balsamic Moon Lunar Gifts 

Mediumship abilities, underworld experiences, knowing one’s psychological motivations, counseling, psychoanalysis, dreamwork, facing shadows. Attracted to transpersonal experiences, going in depth, and guiding others on their path. 

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