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Drawing Down the Full Moon in Aries October 13th 2019 ♡

On October 13th 2019 we have the Full Moon in the passionate sign of Aries. Known for being sensitive, at times hiding behind a facade of strength, the archetype of Aries has many lessons to teach us about our own expression of identity and power.

When the Moon is Full emotions are heightened, we become more in tune with the energy currents of others, their feelings, as well as our own feelings being brought to the surface of our being. Highlighted during the Full Moon in Aries October 2019 is what fights we are choosing to engage in and what role we are playing in those fights.

Aries’ opposite sign is the peace loving sign of Libra, where the Sun is located during this phase of the Lunar cycle. The goal is to engage in advocacy and fights we feel ready and prepared for, not lunge head-first into trouble. Having a clear picture of our goals, desired outcomes, and intentions will help us stand up for injustice with authenticity and integrity.

Full Moon in Aries

What to Expect for the Aries Full Moon

Each of us is able to decide what raw emotion, energy, and power we want to bring into this world. At this time the archetype of Aries is available to help us recognize the ways in which we hold on to feelings of anger, rage, and shame.

This is a deeply confronting and intense Full Moon vibration, giving us access to necessary and at times uncomfortable insights into our own identity, motivations, and use of the will.

The lesson during this time is understanding the root of our anger and rage. Sitting with these themes can feel icky but provide a powerful step towards feeling in touch with our own willpower.

Assessing why we get angry, who we get angry at, and what pushes our buttons will help us accept and recognize how these themes play out through a complex emotional matrix of guilt, shame, and fear. Facing these shadows can help lead us towards actual healing and an emotional integration of all that makes us human.

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Keywords for the Full Moon in Aries October 2019

  • Willpower
  • Confrontation
  • Shadow Work with Anger/Guilt/Shame
  • Balance Rage with Love
  • Fighting Systems of Injustice + Oppression
  • Leadership + Passion
  • Physical Strength
  • Emotional Release through Sex, Exercise, Arguing
Full Moon in Aries October 2019
Chart of the Full Moon in Aries October 13th 2019




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  1. Thank you! I am hosting my first Women’s Circle on the full moon this month, and this will help so much to guide things! Beautifully clear and enlightening post!

    • Mystica Astrology

      Thank you for your comment! Amazing you are hosting a Women’s Circle on the Full Moon 💛🌕

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