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Keywords for the New Moon in Capricorn December 2019

The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on December 25th 2019. Here are some keywords/phrases we can use to poetically get in touch with this phase of the Lunar cycle…

Working hard, changing jobs, meeting co-workers, making space, big ideas, put self into action, major shifts, obvious humor, laughing universe, sarcastic attitudes, the child within, being an adult, seeing the past, setting long and short term goals, being present, feeling the Earth, understanding compassion, feeling depressed, suppressed, and misunderstood, meaning well, doing your best, trying so hard, wanting recognition for hard work, routine changes, playing pretend, sexual release, under pressure, seeing the underbelly, knowing takes effort, educating oneself, finding a teacher, mastery of self, taking charge, controlling control, seeing things through, family connections, tied and untied, tenacious, stubborn, unsatisfied, wanting more, feeling inadequate, opening new doors, making money, getting rich, hoping for abundance, through dedication, spark of divinity, is lit from within.

New Moon in Capricorn 2019
Chart of the New Moon in Capricorn 2019


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