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Full Moon in Cancer January 10th 2020

January Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer on January 10th 2020 confronts us with some very intense emotional energy. The chart of this Full Moon and eclipse places the Moon in Cancer opposite the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. We may be feeling the weight of our personal baggage and heaviness associated with all the layers, ideas, and stresses living in our bodies and energy fields.

This Moon is about finding wellness in a moment that may feel hopeless. The zodiac sign of Cancer symbolizes protective energy and this is definitely a time to shield ourselves by carving out space so we can sit in solitude, stillness, and contemplation.

Full Moon in Cancer January 2020

Mercurial Influence

With Mercury  in close aspect to this Full Moon, it gives us a message to be aware of the emotional thought loops we have running through our minds. What are we saying to ourselves and how quickly are our thoughts taking shape in physical life? Take a moment to deeply meditate on and think about the impact your inner emotional life has on you and those around you.

You may be feeling completely wide open to other people’s energies and even vulnerable at this time. Pay attention to what is getting past your personal filters and know you have control over this process. This Full Moon in Cancer is about managing emotional responses. Embrace the Moon’s light like a protective shield to help guide you through this Lunar cycle.

Full Moon January 10th 2020

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