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Full Moon in Capricorn July 2020 – Unfettered

Full Moon in Capricorn July 4th

As we step closer and closer to the Full Moon in Capricorn occurring this July 4th 2020, we can feel the energy moving on multiple levels as everything pushes towards the center. Tension is present and building. Capricorn energy can withstand an immense amount of force, but will eventually need to find a way to untangle what has become distorted.

With the Moon in its Fullness, we are experiencing this pressure as a collective. The energy will force us to change, based on what is needed for the group not the individual. This Full Moon confronts us with collective entanglements that are trying to be unknotted and released.

As Saturn slips back into Capricorn at this time, we are met with an additional layer of shadow to work through. The earth, and therefore humans, plants, and animals, are sensing an unspoken pain. Sustained isolation is deadly–even if it is just perceived isolation. Recognizing the interweaving connection can heal what has been broken. Cultivating compassion starts with holding that space for yourself.

The Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer brings into awareness the lessons of time, history, and ancestry. It allows things to move into a circular space as opposed to linear. Our eyes can open to what we need to do on an individual level first so it can reverberate on a broader scale. The sticky web of connection between everything celestial and earthy     is constantly intertwining, we can sense that there is still more work to do to understand, love unconditionally, and move in flow with these energies.

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