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We Need to Talk About Astrology

We need to talk about astrology, how to deepen the practice and engage with the spiritual potential of this divinatory tool. Taking it beyond something that is just parroting what our personalities are back to us.

So how can we get past the surface level descriptions of the psychology and archetypes of each zodiac sign and step through the textured layers of this strange universe we have been birthed into?

Is There More? Content and Meaning

So much information is abundantly available to us, a variety of charts and accompanying interpretations can be generated online. But I have often found that after reading content about my placements or even sometimes after having my chart read I am left with the question–What do I do with this information now?…

I need to ask myself, does the information actually help me OR does it box me into someone else’s interpretation of how I should behave “based on what they see in my chart.”

We tend to know ourselves pretty well, our quirks and uniqueness, our triggers and personalities–so I think the abundant personality descriptions astrology offers is getting tired and I want to share with people that there are deeper layers to this work and so much more that can be uncovered through the planetary beings of the zodiac.

We can still respect what is current along with the traditions and techniques while slowly inviting a new paradigm to unfold, one that gets closer to what we need, one that makes the chart conversational rather than fixed. One that helps us grapple with the dominant Scientific or Academic view that insists on displacing the soul from our experience of living.

There is so much content in the world, more than we could ever imbibe in a meaningful way, so we have to search and search until we find what resonates. I have applied to writing positions where I have been asked to simplify the writing and produce content that can be consumed in “small bites and snacks.” And where I do think there is a place for this type of content, I want to touch on another layer of the practice.

From my experience, people really have a longing for more meaning. More depth, more community and that is what draws many of us into the astrological way of thinking. A desire to be seen, understood, and relate to others from a place of true intimacy, in a world that too often seems isolating instead of one of that fosters belonging and connection.

The Intuitive Art of an Astrology Reading

There is an art to reading a birth chart, something that computers and algorithms really can’t do. The subtleties and nuance of seeing the entire matrix of someone’s starry blueprint is coupled with an Astrologer’s knowledge for each placement, planet, aspect relationships and so on…

But all of that is not what makes a reading, the meaning is present in the potential for seeing each other, validation for our existence through human connection. Astrologers need to feel through their senses, and know each person as deeper than their chart, and not the chart itself.

We need to let astrology walk us through the doorways that have invited us into knowing ourselves, so we can sense who exists underneath it all, in service to each other by being who we are.

Some branches of astrology do look at the soul, such as Evolutionary Astrology. But for me, that system does not completely resonate because of the emphasis on past lives and the nature of reality in relation to the soul’s journey through time. I experience things as more open-ended, and I consistently challenge myself to maintain a flexible set of beliefs while embracing paradox. You can read more about that here.

Astrology can be extremely accurate, especially in relation to events and real life happenings. It is down-to-earth as well as a soul map. Our existence, or at least the contemplation of it, is enough to blow our minds. So distilling some of our experiences through the symbology of the zodiac makes the practice of astrology very useful in my opinion.

Astrology is also useful for giving life direction, seeing where things have been difficult, traumatic, or painful, and seeing a way through, knowing the wellness of our souls and bodies, as well as being a type of spiritual counseling for those of us who align with the mysterious or the divine outside of mainstream religion or beliefs.

To be clear, I am not against mental health care, allopathic medicine, or current conventional methods of therapy. But I do think there is room for astrology to be an additional service that can be of use for navigating the spiritual dimensions of life. And I am not talking about the trend that I am seeing lately where articles are describing astrology as the new thing people are putting their faith in, like it is a religion.

It really doesn’t fall into the category of religion. It is a tool, a structure, much like other systems we use for coaxing out the meaning behind the ephemeral energies inherent in being human. Such as Tarot or other divination tools, they are not the divine connection itself but a portal into that realm or altered state of being that brings a reading to life. I don’t want to ignore the intuitive aspects that some of us Astrologers use to connect into the energetics of the chart and the person.

There are unseen worlds unfolding all around us and Astrologers frequently tap into these currents. We sense the energy whether people recognize it or not, even the most skeptical person can get a sense of the unseen through their emotions or feelings given the right circumstances.

The Chart as a Conversation

I think Astrologers should do what works for them. But for me, astrology is woefully out of balance and skewed to particular ways of thinking that are entrenched in outdated psychological constructs, and aligned with ideas that may be irrelevant for many.

Of course, personality descriptions and all of that can be insightful, entertaining, and certainly has a place in astrological interpretation, but I feel it is time for mainstream astrology to invite in the spiritual potential of the practice.

I think we should actively discuss the process of reading a chart from a place of intuition as a valid entrance into this work. While also remembering to view each other as complex and multilayered, helping us approach the chart with more realism, balance, and empathy.

Our chart is interacting with the living symbolism of the celestial sky. It is something we can check in with and grow alongside. We are born at a certain time but our lives are certainly not static. They are on a trajectory from birth, through life, and into death.

So let’s invite astrology into the mainstream as a tool for looking into the soul of our being. The chart allows us to see into the unfolding drama of life itself–our constant conversation within it.

Personally, I am ready to see the deeper offerings of Astrology shift into the current mainstream content.

I would love to know your thoughts! How do you prefer to use astrology and approach reading your chart?

7 comments on “We Need to Talk About Astrology

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  2. Thank you for this provocative article Emma. For me, practising intuitive astrology requires “beginners mind” and “not knowing” coupled with the recognition that the client is expert in their own life. I feel that the intuitive astrologer’s art is to interpret the chart’s symbolism in a tentative, inquiring way, opening up an exploratory 2-way heart- and soul-centred conversation which draws the client towards their own insights and knowing. I like to start sessions with an oracle reading as a way of shifting both the client and myself into a sacred space that’s more conducive to soul-to-soul conversations.

    Whilst I certainly agree that intuitive astrology should be available to everyone, I think there needs to be a major paradigm shift for it to become accepted into the mainstream. And maybe that’s what we’re in the process of right now, with the winter solstice Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction part of the road map. But it may take some time. The visionary work of Bayo Akomolafe comes to mind. As he says, “The times are urgent. Let us slow down”.

    • Mystica Astrology

      I have never thought about the intuitive approach as using the ‘beginner’s mind,’ but I like it! It makes me think of approaching the chart without prior assumptions and letting the planets speak to me for themselves. I think this coupled with one’s studied astrological knowledge can pull out what needs to come through. I love your idea for shifting the reading into sacred space through an oracle reading!
      I am looking forward to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and what shifts will happen around that.
      Thanks for your comment ♥︎

  3. When we do a reading for someone, we use their birth chart as a tool to help us connect to that person’s soul, and then proceed to slowly and intuitively relay that information back to them. I personally believe that we all have an ‘assignment’ to perform here on earth. There are many pointers in the birth chart as to what ones ‘mission’ or life purpose or ‘highest good’ is. So in this particular regard, reading someone’s (or your own) birth chart can be most useful. But I think one of the best uses of understanding the birth chart is to build self worth (and to understand your own individuality). Self worth is more valuable than money, and if a skilled astrologer can help a client to build or increase self worth by sharing relevant information from the birth chart that ‘feels right’ to the client, this is something valuable indeed. It is also just as valuable for our own self esteem or sense of self worth. And also for deeply understanding our true selves (‘know thyself’ and all that), which gives us the kind of confidence that doesn’t need to adhere to social norms.

    I had a sort of ‘vision’ one day while doing a reading for someone (someone I had never met before) and in that vision I saw that she and I already knew each other completely and perfectly as souls in the (simultaneously occurring) spiritual dimension, but that her chart clues and cues were helping me to dissolve the density of this earth plane dimension and ‘remember,’ and relay back to her, her soul qualities. Very useful.

    • Mystica Astrology

      Wow, your visionary experience sounds amazing, and very useful. I also like what you said about self-worth, that lands very true with me. Thanks for your comment ♡

  4. I’m with you on this! I came to astrology first through research for writing my novel and then as someone who had already done intuitive readings for many years before I started dabbling in astrology. By the time I started offering astrology readings, I had been a practicing medical intuitive and intuitive reader for 16 years. I love how it can spark conversations and help people accept themselves in profound ways that therapy and affirmations just don’t touch.

    I’ve seen this again and again, where an aha moment of understanding leads to tremendous compassion for themselves. It’s beautiful to experience and to observe. Astrology is both a language and a spiritual tool. Thank you for writing this post! <3

    • Mystica Astrology

      Thank for you this comment! I agree with you about the depth that astrology and other intuitive practices can reach us on, especially the part about experiencing moments of compassion. Also, that is so interesting you are a medical intuitive! I have been interested in learning more about medical intuition lately ♡

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