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The Great Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction December 21st, 2020

A rare meet up of two of the zodiac’s most commanding planets meet up in the sign of Aquarius on December 21st, 2020, coinciding with the Solstice. So what does this conjunction mean for us, what should we anticipate encountering under these assertive planetary energies?

Key Themes:

Restructuring ideologies, revolutions, new leadership, expanded opportunities for leadership, dying traditions, authorities trying to exert power and control, exposing true intentions of authorities, visionary and ideological thinking, shift from individualism to collectivism, emotional detachment in decision making, fulfilling prophecies.

This Transit in Global Perspective

The main essence I am reading from this upcoming transit is the clash between authority, especially government and/or religion, and the people.

Saturn represents mastery, societal structures, and traditions. Jupiter represents religious authority, faith, expansion, beliefs, and excess. So when these dominant forces meet, their agendas can work together or against each other.

Saturn and Jupiter meet in the sign of Aquarius which tells us about the state of the collective– the growing desire for communities and systems that help instead of harm. New leaders may emerge under this influence, revolutions and revolutionaries are likely to rise up. An implosion of outworn systems. And ideas of what is considered the norm or consensus reality is ready to be intellectually and ethically called into question.

This transit is symbolic of extremes, therefore, we can also anticipate that things can swing in the opposite direction as well. Saturn restricts, so leaders and religious authorities may try to silence, suppress, or control the will of the people. Breaking through barriers (Saturn) will require people to believe (Jupiter) that it is possible to implement a future vision (Aquarius) that is more powerful than what is currently in place.

Jupiter is growth oriented, Saturn helps us build structure. New structures, new societal norms, new traditions, new beliefs can be sowed at this time.

This Transit on a Personal Level

How to anticipate this transit on a personal level? This is the time to take a stand for what we believe is important. Use integrity as a form of envisioning the world and communities we want to be a part of.

We can embrace leadership qualities. What are you the leader of? What is your goal, what are you trying to achieve and are you working in alignment with your personal vision?

Confront what isn’t working, and do your best. And have graciousness for yourself and for each other as we self-explore how we can dismantle what is not working and enter into a new paradigm.

Saturn confronts us with our limitations and fears while Jupiter helps us grapple with our philosophies and beliefs. Where are we limited in fully living in our personal vision, consider society’s abstract and practical role in dictating how we have to live, survive, and function within the community. How do we function through the constant cognitive dissonance?

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  1. Great article! I like the balanced and informed interpretation. I started seriously studying astrology this summer and will devour anything regarding the S-J122120 transit. This is the best article I’ve come across. Thank you!

    • Mystica Astrology

      That is great you are studying astrology!
      Thank you so much for your comment ♡

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