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A lunar practice to discover your psychic abilities: New Moon in Pisces March 2021

Do you consider yourself psychic? Saturday March 13th, 2021 is the New Moon in Pisces; one of the more intuitive, mystical, and imaginative lunar cycles happening in 2021. At the end of this article is an exercise you can do in order to discover which psychic ability you are most aligned with at this time.

Psychic mystery

Diviners and psychics are often asked to ‘prove’ or explain how some people experience impressions, thoughts, information, visions, and other sensory perception from seemingly unseen forces. It’s true that psychic experiences are often highly subjective, which makes them hard to describe within the constraints of consensus reality.

This doesn’t make psychic energies invalid, consider that we might just lack the language to fully articulate what is taking place. After all, we do live in a world that is inherently driven by invisible inspiration and the impulse to create. This demonstrates to me that there are forces operating at deep levels of universal awareness. Some psychics are tapping into these mysterious streams of being, dreaming, thought, and vision — acting as intermediaries between seen and unseen.

How do you relate to your own psychic abilities?

This New Moon in Pisces, consider how you relate to your own psychic abilities and what your attitudes and beliefs are around all things psychic.

Start to tap into how you may be attuned to certain skills. Maybe you are a highly visual person and see things in your mind’s eye. Maybe you see auras or energies around people. Or maybe you can sense energies in the atmosphere or know what someone is about to say before they say it.

There are many ways to dive into the layers of your psychic abilities and this phase of the lunar cycle is the perfect time to set yourself some goals around which skills you may want to develop further!

Being receptive to the fact that you are able to tune into these energies is a beautiful path towards being more in touch with the natural flow of being and the underlying webs of creation.

Exercise: how to use your intuition to figure out which psychic skill to develop

Here is a suggested set of steps you can follow to intuitively tune into the skill that your deep self wants you to develop further. This exercise is best done on the day of the New Moon at either sunset or midnight, but can be done anytime.


  1. Take a few moments to ground by becoming aware of your surroundings, sense the earth below you and the sky above you — then turn your awareness towards your heart
  2. Begin to meditate for up to a few minutes using long, slow deep breaths
  3. When you feel ready, lightly gaze at the psychic skills chart below (you can click on the image to enlarge it)
  4. Let your intuition guide you to the skill that is “speaking” to you the loudest
  5. Make a note of the ability that stood out as the most dominant

Once you have intuitively chosen your skill to work on, do some research. Then consider what practices you can incorporate in your life to strengthen this gift. Please note that some of the terms on the chart may not be considered “psychic” in all schools of thought. I am using the term psychic in a broad sense.

The development of your psychic abilities can be a natural process that unfolds slowly over time. But while the New Moon is in Pisces, it is an especially excellent time for setting personal intentions related to your spirituality, initiating or starting visionary projects, and planting seeds for where your inspiration and imagination can guide you next.

Spiritual Skills Chart

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