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New! August 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly horoscopes with messages from spirit. I recommend you read the horoscope for both your Rising and Sun sign. If you are interested in receiving personalized astrology advice, you can book a chart reading with me on my site Emerald Visions 🧿


Confront a fear that keeps you feeling small. Your life has space right now for more. Let your bright spirit fill in the spaces. A project that you started weeks ago requires your attention now. Your effort will pay off so long as you can keep your focus. Don’t lose your perspective. Sharpen your perception and be precise.

Ceres in Astrology


Going within and underneath shows you what needs healing. What parts of you long for tenderness; lick your wounds and cradle your soul. What hides inside of you will be revealed to you when you look on in fearlessness. Don’t contain the creative life fore that courses through your being. Use your power to travel up and down the roots of your family tree.

Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction


You find the revelations of your soul in the sacred silence between tasks. In boredom when there is nothing left to do, and a sense of inspiration has been tapped out for now. Reach out to touch the soft edges that punctuate these moments in time. You are receptive and restful right now. Hold this still power with poise and direct it with care in the present moment.


Your life might not look like the path you had envisioned for yourself, but it is the one you are on. As you are here now, take stock of what you have learned up until this point. Gather your resources, your energy, your life force. Practice channeling your vision into the present. Create and manifest what you know to be true right now.

Pallas Athene in Astrology


Daydreaming gets you far, but not as far as you imagine yourself to be. This month, take action in the direction your spirit is guiding you towards. Be willing to learn from yourself about yourself. Your path will reveal a third option that you haven’t considered yet. Choose if now is the time you will go through this particular door.


Meet with spirit at your altar regularly. Messages for you come when you are consistent in your practices. Your heart thrives under the pressures of routine where others tend to crack. It is what you are here to do. Your spiritual work benefits all who are around you. The non-physical reality is always by your side. Look to your right and to your left to see with your spiritual sight.

Full Moon in Pisces


Create the communities you long to be a part of. Strive to embrace your leadership qualities by breaking things down into small parts. One step at a time. You are a teacher, a mentor, one who can help guide others on their spiritual path. You know more than you have given yourself credit for. Harmonize all parts of self.


It’s not enough for you to sense truth, you want to know truth for what it is. Your soul has a longing for the mystery, the ineffable essence of what cannot be known. Look to understand how to solidify who you are, the differentiated uniqueness of your being. There will be some experimentation in this search for the absolute.


What you know should be shared and what you don’t yet know might be studied. A balance between your intellect and your intuition needs to be found. You have the potential to hold so much within you. Accept that some things are purely spirit taught and personal gnosis, while other things require the opening of a book. Both are relevant.


You sense it is an important month for you. A time when you will start to transform more fully into yourself. But first you have to shed some layers, face some shadows. No denying or ignoring truths that are meant to be known. Touch the sacred so you can sense your purpose.


Your spirit eyes are open to new insights. Consider what prophecy reveals and what it doesn’t. A vivid flash of a vision requires your discernment and some interpretation. The threads of destiny are pulling you towards someone you are meant to meet. An exchange of energy between you and another is on the horizon.

Neptune through the Zodiac Signs


You can find magic in the spaces of your daily mundane tasks. Make a sacred practice out of your routines. Your body marks a crossroads where life force meets to dance. Consciousness rises to meet you in the rhythms that resonate, meet it back with reverent joy.

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