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“A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play” ~ Sabian Symbol 5º Aquarius ~

Peacock Eye Emma Lynn Wilson

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Welcome! I am Emma the creatrix behind this online space. This is a place for cosmic mystery to be explored and discussed; for astrological self-discovery through the lenses of witchcraft, mysticism, and the occult.

On my journey I am searching for harmony, non-judgement, and love for my mystical self and others. Astrology is one of my tools for this lifetime. I am a Capricorn Sun, Taurus Rising, Aries Moon, North Node in Aquarius and Pluto in Scorpio.IMG_3859

My Astro Journey

Some of my first ventures into painting were images of the night sky, stars, and anthropomorphized versions of the Sun and Moon. Deep down a part of me always new I was being called to the zodiac and astrology.

Lured in by astrology and the occult I began my journey as a teenager on a spiritual quest into the zodiac. Obsessed with astrology I structured my worldview around people’s signs and my vision of what astrology could offer in the way of self-knowledge.

I began formally studying astrology in 2013/4 at the Portland School of Astrology and began synthesizing the many branches astrology offers into my own unique intuitive chart interpretation style. I am inspired by Evolutionary Astrologers Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest and I love the work of psychological astrologer Liz Green and transpersonal astrologer Dane Rudhyar. With my degree in psychology and community mental health I am very interested in how depth psychology and astrology come together in helping us live well within our bodies.

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Emma Wilson – The Astrologer behind Mystica

My astrological approach incorporates knowledge learned in my studies, travels, time in nature, and my personal experiences with mysticism, paganism, and the inner weavings of spirit and psychology. I also integrate the many teachings I have learned from my Mentors at the Portland School of Astrology and workshops taken with Mark Jones through the Astrology University in order to create a dynamic approach to understanding the cosmos. Utilizing a mix of traditional and modern astrological techniques I explore and challenge the ideas of fate and free will through my interpretation of each individual chart.

By looking at the nodal placements in my own chart, the North Node in Aquarius and the South Node in Leo, I have been able to sense a better understanding of where my soul has been and where I am going now. I feel we move between cyclical and linear time throughout our lives residing in multiple dimensions at once; allowing me to question the nature of reality and the divine. These thought forms also inform my practice of witchcraft and nature worship. My relationship to Divinity is explored more in depth on my other website, Emerald Visions.

emma phone 568I was born with Pluto in Scorpio, an intense placement I share with other people born during my Pluto generation approximately 1983-1995 (Jupiter & the Pluto in Scorpio Generation).  My natal Sun is at 14 degrees Capricorn with mystical Neptune on one side and the planet of mastery, Saturn, on the other side. I feel compelled to be a spiritual explorer, searching for wisdom beyond and within the boundaries of reality. I realize how much I do not know and how much more there is to learn in life.

I am just now making it through the transiting Pluto conjunct my natal sun in Capricorn. I have been experiencing this Pluto transit through Capricorn for most of my adult life and will continue to feel it until approximately 2024. This transit has deeply taught me about my personal power, going into shadow, and honoring my identity as a witch. 1888462_997716903574711_4729681659292823371_nDuring this transit I have been brought to some very dark but ultimately deep places of self discovery and self acceptance of choices I have made.

I believe in removing the gender binary from astrology and follow the Queer Astrology movement. I am currently in my Saturn return and appreciate the lessons of this time. I feel we are naturally polarized beings, constantly searching for a balance within extremes, astrology is my way of working through this.

As my relationship with astrology continues to evolve I use this webspace as a container to write and develop my thoughts and theories on mysticism, spirituality, paganism, and psychology often in relation to astrology but not always.

This is also an online space where you can inquire about my writing services and receive some personalized heart-centered energy through an astrology reading or astrology tutoring.

Unlocking the secrets of the soul through an astrological lens truly is my passion and I feel it is a part of my soul’s path to share how astrology can be offered with an intuitive, fluid, and mystical approach. I am honored by each person I work with and the depth of soul that is present in each individual human spirit.

My Education

Astrology University – Masterclass Retreat – The Leading Edge – Mark Jones 2019

Portland School of Astrology  -2nd Year Program 2016

Portland School of Astrology- 1st Year Program  2014

Bachelor of Arts from University at Buffalo New York in Psychology & Health and Human Services-Community Mental Health with minors in Art History & Anthropology

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