There are many asteroids and minor planets that can be explored in astrology. Here are some of the key ones that have been most studied or given attention to. It is important to note the cultural context that has led to a majority of these asteroid’s meanings–with many being linked to ancient Greek or Roman gods or goddesses.  Astrologer and author Demetra George has also done extensive work with the asteroids detailed in the book titled Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-Emerging Feminine.

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50px-Ceres_symbol.svg Ceres


Mother archetype, harvest and gathering, mourning, life cycles + seasons, provider, caretaker, family loyalty, self-care, food and nutrients, Earth

Named after the Roman goddess of the earth, Ceres carries an earthy elemental energy.  There is a distinctly feminine energy to this astronomical body for the purpose of astrology. Ceres is associated with  motherhood and nature.  Along with this earthy energy, Ceres is also the mother of Porsepina (known in Greek mythology as Persephone). The location of Ceres in the astrological chart speaks to a human being’s desire and need to nurture and be nurtured. This planet is symbolic of how we connect to our own planet Earth, how we care for ourselves with food, and also how we mourn when we experience loss or tragedy. And the ways in which we find comfort in the face of challenge. It can also symbolize who or what we turn towards for comfort when we are experiencing a difficult time. The zodiac sign location of Ceres and planetary aspects can help us more clearly define where our loyalties are, deeper familial connections, and uncover details about how we care for self and body.

Pallas_symbol.svgPallas Athena


Sacred warrior, strength, mental fortitude, fight, confidence, wisdom, guardian, protector, arts + crafts, practicality 

Pallas has a unique place in our charts. This asteroid is symbolic of practical application of our skills and abilities. The ways in which we apply our crafting or creative skills and also how we approach problems and events. Do we use practical strategies, cunning, mental strength, or let emotions lead the way? The location of Pallas Athena in the chart demonstrates an area where we show wisdom, ability, or skill. We have a great desire to protect and cultivate certain aspects of our selves. Pallas Athena was known for her successful approach to war and therefore is also a guardian of the sacred warrior energy. Look to the sign, house, and aspects Pallas makes in your chart for more details on your  personal creative talents, strength, strategizing abilities, and physical power.



Bonding, partnership, royalty, queen, leadership, conception, union, pregnancy, birth, attentiveness, values, loyalty 

Juno in the chart represents how leadership abilities emerge from within us and into the outside world. Juno was worshipped as the queen of the gods and her archetype has taken on themes of royalty, administration, and oversight. Juno was also married to Zeus/Jupiter and is often associated with the stress she experienced due to his infidelities. Juno can represent certain aspects of our relationships, unions, and partnerships–mostly commitments and sacrifices we feel we are making to be in them. It can also represent feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Juno is also associated with  conception and birth along with the responsibility roles one takes on around these events. The location and aspects Juno is making in the chart can speak to the finer details when it comes to relationships, resentment, perceived duty, female energy, and personal  autonomy.

50px-Vesta_symbol.svg Vesta


Priestess, internal fire, hearth, flame, sexuality, sisterhood, ritual, daily devotion, purity, coven work, witchcraft 

Vesta’s location in the chart is symbolic of the lived expression that our daily rituals take–both spiritual and physical. In ancient Rome she was worshipped as the keeper of the flame or hearth in the home, tending to it as a daily task of devotion. She was also symbolic, therefore, of tending to fire within. Vesta represents our internal spiritual fire, ability to worship, and perform devotional tasks in groups or alone. This asteroid can provide us details on how we relate to our sacred sexuality as well, as spirit and sex are closely aligned. The spiritual work Vesta performs is symbolic of the work individuals take on in a priesthood, coven, or circle. It is the small steps and tiny actions-such as adding wood to the fire-that leads to greater change in one’s life overall. Vesta explores the power of daily meditation, daily acts of service, communing with deities, or saying prayers. Look to the sign and house location for more information on how Vesta represents the relationship to your inner flame that we stoke through daily sacred ritual.



Motivation, chaos, wheel of fortune, strife, discord, rage, troublemaking, manipulation,  stirring up drama,

Known as a goddess of strife and discord, approaching Eris can seem a little intimidating. But life has its shadows, therefore Eris can also help us uncover and recognize these areas of life through the placement in the chart. This dwarf planet has a very irregular orbit and has been slowly moving through Aries since the 1920s where it still is today. Because Eris has been in the sign of Aries for so long it is best to look at the house and the specific aspects Eris is making to other planets or sensitive points in the chart. In myth, the goddess Eris was known for stirring up trouble. She often felt snubbed by the other goddesses and gods in the pantheon. Eris today can help us get in touch with our inner rage and areas in our life where we feel slighted. It shows us how we may have used manipulation or drama to make a point, be heard, and seen by others when we have not received the attention we needed or wanted. Socially, Eris, shows us where rage and resentment is present in our world and therefore lends us insight into how we may collectively heal from past wounds, trauma, and imbalance.

Chiron_symbol.svg Chiron


Healing, astrology, medicine, wounds, mentors + teachers, sacrifice, knowledge, wisdom

Chiron is a minor planet orbiting between the inner and outer planets, which has given Chiron one of its nicknames, “the bridge.” As Chiron links our inner energy with the transpersonal energy of the outer planets in our chart (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto). The other nickname Chiron carries is “wounded healer.” In mythology Chiron was a healer and teacher but had a wound he himself could not heal. These themes have drifted into the astrological meaning of Chiron as well. In the chart Chiron can be viewed has a part of self that needs attention and healing. It can demonstrate how and where our ability to heal or teach others can manifest in our lives. The location of this dwarf planet illuminates the ways in which we share what we have learned. As a symbolic mentor, Chiron, is a teacher, bestowing on us information regarding medicine, astrology, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, and the arts. Look for the house, sign, and aspects Chiron is making in the chart to illuminate the meaning of your personal wounds, healing gifts, and what types of mentors or spiritual learning experiences you seek out.