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Zodiac Signs + Planets + Asteroids 

Shadow Work

The Archetype of ‘The Shadow’ in Astrology: My Perspective

Shadow Themes of the Inner Planets: A Guide

Shadow Themes of the Outer Planets: A Guide

Lilith’s Shadow in Astrology 

The Self Archetype

The Archetype of ‘The Self’: My Perspective

The Id-Ego-Super Ego Psyche Structure

The Gaia Archetype in Astrology

Embodied Astrology: Gaia in your Natal Chart

Earth-Gaia Sign Descriptions ⊕

My Views + Approach

How Does Astrology Work? An Intuitive Approach From A Mystical Perspective

Why I Question my Belief in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols- My Thoughts on How Psychic Information Travels

Personalized Astrology Tutoring

Are You interested in learning astrology? Using your own chart is one of the best tools for understanding the sacred occult science of astrology. Together we will analyze your chart in a tutoring style session.

Meeting you where you are at with your astro education I will guide you through the symbolic language of astrology so you can know how to read your own chart and transits with more depth and meaning. Book your learning session by clicking here!


Where to find free charts + things

Click here for a free chart through Astrodienst on http://www.astro.com

Click here for the asteroid list through Astrodienst on http://www.astro.com


Queer Astrology Info



Where I went to Astrology School

Portland School of Astrology


Books to Explore

Asteroid Goddesses: the Mythology, Psychology and Astrology Of the Re-emerging Feminine Demetra George-Douglas Bloch – Ibis Press – 2003

Astrological Houses; The Spectrum of Individual Experience Dane Rudhyar – Doubleday and Co. – 1972

The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Potential Of Astrology Mark Jones – Raven Dreams Press – 2015

Finding Our Way Through the Dark: the Astrology Of the Dark Goddess Mysteries Demetra George – Acs Publications – 1995

The Astrological Neptune and the Quest For Redemption Liz Greene – Samuel Weiser – 2000

Shadow, self, spirit: essays in transpersonal psychology Michael Daniels – Imprint Academic – 2005

Chiron and the Healing Journey: an Astrological and Psychological Perspective Melanie Reinhart – Starwalker Press – 2010

The Earth Path Starhawk – Harpersanfrancisco – 2006

The Spell Of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-human World David Abram – Vintage Books, a Division Of Penguin Random House Llc – 2017

The knot of time: astrology and the female experience Lindsay River-Sally Gillespie – Harper & Row – 1989

The collected works of CG Jung

Sextrology: the Astrology Of Sex and the Sexes Starsky- Cox – William Morrow – 200 

Suicide and the Soul James Hillman-Pierre Riches – Spring Publications – 1993

The Astrology Of Fate: Fate, Freedom and Your Horoscope Liz Greene – Thorsons – 1997

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 Jeff Green