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Shadow Work

The Archetype of ‘The Shadow’ in Astrology: My Perspective

Shadow Themes of the Inner Planets: A Guide

Shadow Themes of the Outer Planets: A Guide

Lilith’s Shadow in Astrology 

The Self Archetype

The Archetype of ‘The Self’: My Perspective

The Id-Ego-Super Ego Psyche Structure

The Gaia Archetype in Astrology

Embodied Astrology: Gaia in your Natal Chart

Earth-Gaia Sign Descriptions ⊕

My Views + Approach

How Does Astrology Work? An Intuitive Approach From A Mystical Perspective

Why I Question my Belief in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols- My Thoughts on How Psychic Information Travels

Where to find free charts + things

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Queer Astrology Info


Where I went to Astrology School

Portland School of Astrology

Books to Explore

Asteroid Goddesses: the Mythology, Psychology and Astrology Of the Re-emerging Feminine Demetra George-Douglas Bloch – Ibis Press – 2003

Astrological Houses; The Spectrum of Individual Experience Dane Rudhyar – Doubleday and Co. – 1972

The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Potential Of Astrology Mark Jones – Raven Dreams Press – 2015

Finding Our Way Through the Dark: the Astrology Of the Dark Goddess Mysteries Demetra George – Acs Publications – 1995

The Astrological Neptune and the Quest For Redemption Liz Greene – Samuel Weiser – 2000

Shadow, self, spirit: essays in transpersonal psychology Michael Daniels – Imprint Academic – 2005

Chiron and the Healing Journey: an Astrological and Psychological Perspective Melanie Reinhart – Starwalker Press – 2010

The Earth Path Starhawk – Harpersanfrancisco – 2006

The Spell Of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-human World David Abram – Vintage Books, a Division Of Penguin Random House Llc – 2017

The knot of time: astrology and the female experience Lindsay River-Sally Gillespie – Harper & Row – 1989

The collected works of CG Jung

Sextrology: the Astrology Of Sex and the Sexes Starsky- Cox – William Morrow – 200 

The Astrology Of Fate: Fate, Freedom and Your Horoscope Liz Greene – Thorsons – 1997

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 Jeff Green