November Forecast 2016 What makes us unique? How do we present ourselves in the world and how to do we structure our differences and similarities? The useful stability of the tangible including job, home, personal fashion, etc. has lost meaning to many people as we expand our search for meaning beyond the everyday. We are pioneering […]

As we experienced the recent effects of the Libra New Moon we are also beginning to feel the effects of Pluto moving direct in Capricorn. Due to the fact that Libra and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs there is a distinct possibility that you may be feeling called to action. Called to action to make […]

We currently have cosmic weather that is heavily weighted in water signs. July 8th Chiron, Mars, and Venus currently are making a close water trine in the summer sky. What a beautiful time to retreat into our most private spaces and work on some of our closest relationships. This month is the perfect time to […]

♂Mars is currently Retrograde as of April 17th and will stay that way until the end of June this year. As we turn inward this is a time which always feels a bit strained and I cannot wait until we are out of the weeds on this planet’s retrograde cycle in particular! The overall pace […]

Astrology is a symbolic system in which we utilize various symbols to denote planets, houses, elements, and structures. Many Jungian psychologists believe the collective responds to archetypal symbols in our everyday life. We respond to symbols all around us in helping us navigate life. We all have our own associations of images that are associated […]